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10 Years In The Black – Baltimore, MD – 11.16.16

10 Years In The Black – Baltimore, MD – 11.16.16


10 Years in the Back tour made its way to Baltimore, MD last week as Sumerian Records put together this powerhouse of a tour consisting of some of their best bands.  Headlining this tour is Asking Alexandria as Danny Worsnop made his come back to the band after a series of events with former vocalist Denis Stoff.  Along for the tour is Born of Osiris, I See Stars, After The Burial, Upon A Burning Body and Bad Omens.  Check out the gallery below as photographer Luis Rosales was there checking the night out.

Due to circumstances out of our control, we were unable to make it for Bad Omens.  

Upon A Burning Body sets up as they were ready to take stage in celebration of their latest release, Straight From The Barrio.  Like any band that changes their theme for an album, UABB changed their look as well as they ditched the tuxedos and went for a more street style look.  But just because they changed their look, doesn’t mean they lost their power on stage as they opened up with “‘Til the Break of Dawn.”  They played for about half an hour as they had to leave time for everyone else scheduled to play.  Upon A Burning Body was definitely fun band to watch as their music always hypes up whoever listens to them.


Up next was After The Burial as they brought their technical style to the stage.  They opened up with “Aspirations” and “Your Troubles Will Cease and Fortune Will Smile Upon You” for another short 30 min set.  During the intro of “Lost In The Static,” guitarist Trent Hafdahl was having technical difficulties as the part originally written for a second guitar was not playing, crew got that fixed right away as they just started over and continued to throw down.  After The Burial is always a great band to catch because watching them play in sync with such precision with their technical style, is always fascinating and very entertaining to play as they close their night out with “A Wolf Amongst Ravens.”


I See Stars had their turn to take over Rams Head Live as it was clear that there were a lot of fans of Devin Oliver present that night.  Screaming their heads off once he took stage with their lights that looked like arrows pointing to the right.  Their set was very backlit with a series of front lights which turned the whole stage red during some of the slower parts.  Every aspect of the show grabbed your attention.  They also played a short set consisting of 6 songs which lasted about 30 minutes as well, but it was 30 minutes of their best work mostly coming from their album “Treehouse” and two from “New Demons.”  Everything smooth for them that night as every noted played, sang and beat hit was on point.


Direct support band Born of Osiris had their chance on stage following up as they brought the heaviest, technical sound out of everyone.  They had a slightly longer set as they had the time to play 8 songs instead of 6 like everyone else.  The band was also the first of the night to utilize fog machines throughout the set that gave them the ominous look when they went off during big moments of the songs.  Born of Osiris kept their production simple, yet it was also visually eye catching with the use of single colored lights.  They did however use LED light bars for plentiful back lighting.  Everything sounded tight with everyone being able to play the technical riffs and off beat breakdowns. Overall, Born of Osiris played a very impressive set as always that left an impression on everyone in the room.


Making an epic comeback with a flip flop of singers, Asking Alexandria was being demanded to take stage with fans chanting “Danny” moments before he took his first step back on stage in Baltimore since leaving the band.  There were those fans that were the opposite as they were chanting “Denis,” there were clearly fans of him in the room.  One by one as each member of the band, the venue erupted in cheering for their favorite band to play.  Now since they were headlining the tour, Asking Alexandria was able to put together a 12 song set list including an encore.  In typical AA style with Danny, fans (specifically the girls) started throwing their bras on stage as Danny started a collection on his mic stand.  The band even threw in a short acoustic set for a brief intimate moment for the comeback.  The band hands down had the best lit stage as they used the venue lights to their advantage as well as the use of their own rigs that were set up at the back of the stage.  Asking Alexandria definitely made this comeback epic with Danny as that was sure memorable.  Try to catch this tour as there are only a handful of dates left.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.