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Evanescence Tour ft. Veridia – The Fillmore Silver Spring, MD – 11.18.16

Evanescence Tour ft. Veridia – The Fillmore Silver Spring, MD – 11.18.16

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The Fillmore Silver Spring was next to host the monumental return of Evanescence as this show sold out in about 3 hours of tickets going on sale.  Fans brought back the early 2000’s with spiked combat boots, studded leather jackets and even a couple of tutus.  It was like stepping back in time seeing some of the interesting things fans wore.  Evanescence brought along Nashville natives, Veridia as a direct support.  Check out the gallery below as Luis Rosales was there first hand for this spectacular.

Starting off the night right, Veridia takes the stage there were talk about many has never even heard of the band but were quickly turned into fans upon the first note.  Since they are a newer band, they had pretty short setlist.  Compiling 9 songs for about 40 minutes for their night.  First thing that stood out on stage were the amplifiers each guitarist used which resembled pyramids, a very unique peripheral that most bands don’t go for.  Veridia definitely wasn’t shy about using smoke as they filled the stage and lit up each member with lights mounted on the amps. Vocalist Deena Jakoub sounded extraordinary as she filled the sold out venue with her powerful voice and charisma.  Everything about their performance was flawless and a very fun show to watch from them.  


After severals years of hiatus, Evanescence made their return to the stage bigger than ever as fans waited years for this moment.  The pure excitement was visible as some of the fans looked like they stepped out of 2004 with their gothic outfits, but who can really blame them.  The moment Amy Lee took stage, the cheering for the band could be heard from across the street it was that intense.  They played an extensive 20 song setlist starting off with “Everybody’s Fool,” “What You Want,” and “Going Under.”  Amy Lee displayed a great performance as she is one of those singers that sounds just as good, or even better as a studio recording.  She was able to project her voice in such an angelic matter especially during the acoustic portion of the show when crew wheeled out her piano to center stage.  During this intimate moment the venue got eerie quiet to let Amy Lee do her thing mesmerizing the audience.  To no surprise, fans went absolutely insane when the first note of “Bring Me To Life” played and phones flew up into the air so they can record one the band’s biggest and well known songs.  The show wouldn’t be complete without an encore as Evanescence pulled out a Michael Jackson cover of “Dirty Diana” to close out the night that fans would remember and talk about for a long time.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.


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