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Final World Tour – Yellowcard, Like Torches, Dryjacket – Baltimore, MD – 11.15.16

Final World Tour – Yellowcard, Like Torches, Dryjacket – Baltimore, MD – 11.15.16


“When saying farewell, it is hard to know where to start, especially when there are so many reasons not to say it, but the time has come to share this news. After countless discussions and months of thought, we have decided that it is time for Yellowcard to come to an end. This will be our last album and our final world tour.” This was the statement that the band has put together announcing the end of a 20 year run as a band. Many couldn’t believe what they were hearing that their favorite band from middle school or even elementary school was disbanding. Baltimore, MD was very lucky to get a stop on this tour as this show sold out very quickly. Along for the tour were Dryjacket and Like Torches to help commemorate this very special night. Photographer Luis Rosales was there to help capture a few special moments throughout the show.


Up first was Dryjacket to start off the night with their indie sound. This four-piece ensemble took stage for about half an hour but they didn’t disappoint as they were quickly gaining fans from their chill sounds and melodies. These guys were so easy to listen to, simple and catchy, easy to watch as well as they didn’t go with anything flashy as far lights. They were well lit throughout the set and set the pace for the night. Overall, Dryjacket did a great job opening the night and gaining fans in the process.


Hailing from across the Atlantic, Swedish band Like Torches took the stage next as they brought their pop punk sound to the mix.  Upon first impression, it was obvious these guys were a little more fast paced than Dryjacket but that is okay because there needed to be a little more pick up to get ready for Yellowcard. Visually, they were a little bit flashier as they had more moving lights and more variety of colors. The group themselves were very active on stage as they constantly jumped around and ran across the stage throughout their short set as well playing for about 30 minutes as well. Like Torches was another band that gained fans once they played as they won the audience over with their charm and great performance.


Now to close out the final chapter of what could be one of the greatest bands in the last 20 years in their genre, Yellowcard comes on as they prepared a monstrous 24 song set list for the next 2 hours.   Fans alike were already starting to get emotional as they started with “Believe” and “Lights and Sounds.” The true fans made their voices heard as they sang every word whether it was off the band’s new self-titled album, or off their earlier album “One For The Kids.” The more Yellowcard played, the more fans got emotional and couldn’t help but to get rowdy with constant crowd surfing throughout the night. Even the security behind the barricade couldn’t help but to dance and sing along, as they knew very well this was a special night and they were obviously fans. Sean Mackin took notice of them as he thanked them for catching the fans and keeping everyone safe. At one point during the night Sean Mackin even had to catch a crowd surfer but he didn’t seem to mind as long as everyone was safe. He was definitely the popular member for his side of the venue as fans were screaming for backflips. As the night went on, Yellowcard continued an acoustic set for a few songs for a more intimate setting and give everyone a chance to sing a long to something slower. The band started to pick things up for “Cut Me, Mick” and kept that pace from there for the rest of the night except for when they pulled out “Empty Apartment” and fans filled the room with their voices. Yellowcard finished their main set with “Holly Wood Died” which left fans absolutely begging and cheering for more. Of course they come out and finish out the night with “Only One” and everyone’s favorite “Ocean Avenue” which ended with a giant chant of the band’s name and them thanking everyone for the memories.


On behalf of every fan for the past 20 years, thank you Yellowcard for everything you have done for us. Giving us music that helped us through struggles and achievements. The music you put out that brought friends together and built relationships, will live on forever as you were played a big part of everyone’s younger years. Even though this chapter of your lives ends, everyone will relive every album for as long as time allows it to. Thank you, Yellowcard, we are forever grateful for your music and we are very lucky to have had a band like you in our lives.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.