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End The Madness! Tour – Baltimore, MD – 11.11.16

End The Madness! Tour – Baltimore, MD – 11.11.16


Sold out shows are a very special moments for bands and fans alike. With the line wrapping around the block hours before doors, it was clear that this was a night to remember. Responsible for the numerous of fans lining outside in the cold was Sleeping With Sirens for their End the Madness tour, along with supporting acts State Champs, Tonight Alive, and Waterparks. Check out the gallery below as photographer Luis Rosales was there to capture this madness.


Up first is the trio from Texas, Waterparks, who played a short 5 song set list as they opened up with “Hawaii (Stay Awake)” of their newly released album Double Dare. From the start, they had plenty of fans that were well aware of the band, as they were not shy to sing along and show their devotion. Since they were short on time, the band was done after about 20 minutes, as Soundstage got ready for Tonight Alive.


Australian natives Tonight Alive took the stage next as the venue was starting to reach capacity. They prepared an 8 song set list for the night opening with “How Does it Feel?” and “The Edge.” Vocalist Jenna McDougall was very active on stage as she interacted with her fans pointing at few as she sang and got everyone in the venue to put their hands up and wave them side to side. Its front women like that whom put on the best shows which she did. They kept their lights simple with a different theme of colors for each song, it wasn’t very flashy or distracting but it worked for them. Tonight Alive put on a fantastic set as State Champs was up next.


Up next for about 50 minutes is State Champs as they are direct support for this tour so they got to get through 11 songs for their time. Opening up with “Losing Myself” fans definitely lost themselves as they played it through. They continued with “Simple Existence” and “Shape Up” as they were brightly lit with plentiful lighting up front. State Champs definitely wanted to have their presence on stage noticed as they didn’t fail with how they played and looked. They had a great performance throughout the night, even with the microphone not working during parts of the first song but that didn’t faze singer Derek DiScanio. State Champs was very enjoying to watch and they got fans antsy for what’s to come next.


The moment everyone was waiting for, Sleeping With Sirens, the reason for Baltimore Soundstage selling out was up next. As crew got the stage ready for them, they set up the pyro and intriguing structures in the back that resembled a volcano once sparks started flying. The moment the lights dimmed and Kellin Quinn took the stage, fans erupted in screams and cheers as they opened with “Do It Now Remember It Later” and “The Bomb Dot Com V2.0.” When the pyro went off, it added an extra ambience to the stage to make give them a huge stage presence. They had a warm feeling with their lighting, as there was a lot of reds and oranges being used that later changed to blues and greens as well as the use of their light beams. Every member of the band were very active on stage having a lot of fun running back and forth and climbing the drum set every once in a while. When the band has just as much as fans do, it just means it’s a great night for everyone. For the full hour and 20 minutes, Sleeping With Sirens put on an extravagant set that visually eye catching and also sounded exceptional.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.