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The Aggressive Tour – Baltimore, MD – 10.27.16

The Aggressive Tour – Baltimore, MD – 10.27.16


Hardcore shows are some of the best around to go to, and on this night in Baltimore proved just that. Not only was photographer Luis Rosales present to shoot, Live Nation was live streaming on their Facebook so you know it was going to be a special night. Along for the tour was Every Time I Die, Fit For A King, and Old Wounds. Check out the gallery below!


Old Wounds started off the night as they took the red lit stage and began with “Never Sleep Again” to warm up the crowd. The turnout for the band was really good as the trucks outside attracted people to come and watch. The band definitely embodied the hardcore style as the kept production to a minimum with keeping the stage red and their presence high with several jumps and guitar flip. Fans were responsive as the true hardcore crowd came out to devastate the mosh pit. Old Wounds played a very short set as they were done within half an hour, but those 30 minutes was enough to turn on new listeners to be fans that have never heard or seen the band before.


Fit For A King was up next as they wasted no time as they started off with “Hollow King,” “Dead Memory,” and “Broken Fame.” Since they had just released their new album Deathgrip, Fit For A King played few off that album which is a fan favorite amongst most, so the crowd was very responsive to the new music being played live. Lighting wise, it was much brighter with a variety of colors as they took house lighting to their advantage. They had a decent sized set list as they were given a 30 minute slot as well but they were able to power through seven of their songs. Even though Fit For A King is a metalcore band rather than a hardcore style band, that didn’t mean the response was different. In fact, the mosh pit was more involved since it had turned into a push pit rather than a hardcore dancing pit. The band easily put on a fantastic set as the crowd was ready for what’s to come next.


Up next was Every Time I Die and having the reputation they do for putting amazing shows, everyone knew what to expect from these guys. From the start, everyone had so much energy on stage, especially guitarist Jordan Buckley. He pulled off so many moves during his time on stage from windmills, to split kick jumps, and even standing on the bass drum on the riser and jumping off of that. Towards the end Jordan Buckley even hit a stage dive with his guitar while he continued to play. Fans were also crowd surfing, there wasn’t a single moment where someone wasn’t being thrown up over the heads of those up on the barricade. Nobody in the group missed a beat as they thrashed through 14 songs coming from six of their album, debuting a few from their latest release Low Teens. Every Time I Die has always had a strong stage presence and are known for being very involving for their shows, and that night was no different.


The big moment that not only people at the venue were waiting for, but also those at home since Live Nation TV was present to provide a live stream through Facebook at 9:45 PM. Fans that were there were getting amped up and getting ready for what could be the craziest show of the year for them. They needed to prove to themselves that Baltimore had the best crowd on the tour. The moment Beartooth took stage, fans erupted as they screamed along with Caleb Shomo and went absolutely wild. Cameras were rolling and so there were bodies being thrown as they made their way to the front. The stage production was very bright as they had brought their own set up that were staged at the back on the stage and a few on the front corners to light up guitarist Taylor Lumley and Oshie Bichar. Halfway through the set, Caleb Shomo tells the audience to take a short break and sit down as he threw water bottles to help them out. Right as Beartooth was about kick off the rest of the set, he has the audience get ready to jump and get the most rowdy than any city on the tour. Beartooth finished up the night with an encore consisting of “King Of Anything” and “Body Bag” to leave Baltimore wanting even more.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.