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The Chaos Tour – Baltimore, MD – 10.23.16

The Chaos Tour – Baltimore, MD – 10.23.16


The Chaos Tour made its way to Baltimore Soundstage this past weekend as Attila brought the party with them and get rowdy. Along for the madness were Chelsea Grin, Emmure, and Sylar to open it up. Check out the gallery below as photographer Luis Rosales was able to capture this spectacular go down.


First on the bill is Sylar, who had just recently released their latest album Help! opened up with “Pleasure Paradise.” Along with playing new material, half their set list consisted of songs from To Whom It May Concern which made fans happy that they got a fair share of favorites. As one of the openers on this tour, the turnout was not surprising as the line before doors wrapped around the block as Sylar is a great band and could have easily been higher on the bill. Throughout the set, the band showed their sound through their performance as Jayden Panesso really poured everything he had considering the story behind the album. For the eight songs they played that night, every minute of it was lively and dynamic as Sylar put on a great show.


Up next was Emmure with the new lineup consisting of Josh Travis on guitar, Phil Locket on bass, and Josh Miller on drums. With a new lineup, you would expect the band to sound somewhat different, but they didn’t. Emmure came back as strong sounding as ever as they powered through eight songs for the night. Visually, the band chose to go with heavy strobes and quick changes of colors with a mass amount of fog which filled up the venue by the end. They opened up with “Bring A Gun To School” and closed with “Children of Cybertron” as they tore up Soundstage that night.


Chelsea Grin took stage next they waited for the smoke to clear from Emmure. That didn’t last long as they used the fog machine to their advantage as well as lights to match the vibe of their music. They played a fairly short set list as they opened up with “Clickbait” for the nine songs they planned on playing that night. Chelsea Grin had a strong stage presence as guitarist Jake Harmond interacted with fans through various facial expressions as he got into it aggressively. Even with their technical riffs, everyone was able to keep together perfectly in sync without missing a beat while keeping their heavy sound. Chelsea Grin was very consistent throughout their set as they closed out with “Skin Deep” to let headliner Attila take the stage.


Now for the moment fans were long awaited for, Attila storms the stage to get the party started in Baltimore. Their stage set up was unique as they had cabinets lined up with steps on each far side for guitarist Chris Linck and bassist Kalan Blehm to walk across. Lined up along the edge of the stage were various smoke cannons that shot multiple short bursts throughout the night. As far as lighting, Attila kept the theme of party lights with having a dark blue lighting to give off a black light effect to the stage that made the neon green guitars and microphone tape pop to make them really stand out. Attila didn’t utilize the fog machine as much as everyone else but that didn’t matter as the Fronz took a handheld smoke cannon and filled the stage with smoke in a very erratic motion during “Rage.” Earlier in the set, Fronz mentioned to the audience that the crowd surfing record at Soundstage was 150 in one night, so naturally, he challenged that. Security was put to work as fans made their way to front all at once. Not only was this a challenge for security, but for photographers as well as they all made their way to the corners of the stage to avoid being crushed by the overflow of fans being thrown. The whole night was full of crazy antics like this which made it a very memorable show for everyone in attendance. Be sure to catch any of the remainder shows coming up as this tour was a very lively and memorable.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.