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The Unleashed Tour – Skillet, Sick Puppies, Devour The Day – Silver Spring, MD – 10.13.16

The Unleashed Tour – Skillet, Sick Puppies, Devour The Day – Silver Spring, MD – 10.13.16

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Embarking on a tour for the newly release album Unleashed, Skillet made their way for the second half with Sick Puppies joining the tour along with Devour The Day opening each night. The Fillmore Silver Spring was up next to host this incredible show as lines wrapped around the block during the hour between doors and show. Check out the gallery and review as photographer Luis Rosales was there to observe the marvelous show that was put together.


Up first to open up, Devour The Day takes stage as they played a short set list consisting of only 6 songs. However, in that time, the group put together a high energy set as fans were responsive to the music doing most of what singer/guitarist Blake Anderson was able to get fans to put their hands up and jump during some periods of the night. The band kept the lighting simple by having each song be a different combination of colors; some would be blue/red, blue/purple, and green/red to keep things interesting. The band put together a great performance to open up the night as they got fans ready for Sick Puppies.


Australian natives, Sick Puppies was up next as supporting act to perform at the Fillmore. Having put together a 10 song set list, the band was able to perform most of their hits from Tri-Polar and Fury, and even throwing in “All The Same” off the album Dressed Up As Life. The trio had plenty of stage real estate for their set and Emma Anzai definitely used it to her advantage as she made her way around the stage. She even had a fan next to her mic stand to have her hair blow in the wind as lights hit her. With the lights, they kept it to minimum as far as movement and strobes, they had lights go from blue to yellow/green for the first three songs but that didn’t matter too much as their music did all the work. Sick Puppies closed out the night with “You’re Going Down” as the audience was ready for Skillet to take the stage.


Commemorating their newly released album Unleashed, Skillet takes on Silver Spring as they open up the night with “Feeling Invincible.” Throughout the night, almost every song had an extended intro or outro which made the night last longer. Stage production was spectacular, as the band had set up a “second stage” with stairs on each side of the drum riser. Lighting was not an issue with plenty of rigs set up across the back, sides and a few up front. To add to the visuals, dry ice smoke canons were set up on front of the stage as those went off a couple times per song. For the duration of 17 songs including the encore, Skillet was able to keep the show interesting as they even had risers in the back that went up and down to the ceiling of the venue as Korey Cooper and Seth Morrison were on them getting a better view of the fans. There wasn’t a dull moment the entire night as Skillet had even amount diversity between their newest album and previous 3 before that. It was a night definitely to remember with all the production and amazing music with Skillet’s big sound that fill up an entire room no matter where they are.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.


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