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Wait… BMTH Are Heavy Again?

Wait… BMTH Are Heavy Again?


“This ain’t a warning, this is a war”

On May 23, Bring Me The Horizon posted the first video of their BMTHS2 series, with vocalist Oli Sykes mentioning “We’re gonna be sharing our progress with you. You’re gonna see how we write remotely, how we record remotely, and everything in between”.

9 episodes in, and we’ve seen just that.

As fans would expect, they document the band collaborating through video calls, and generally goofing around while in quarantine.
They give a brief glimpse into how the band writes, their thought process and how they’re going about being productive while apart.

What the fans may not have expected however, is the sheer amount of heavy riffs BMTH are laying down. While there’s still plenty of electronics present, there’s riffs galore too.

Even more notable, Oli Sykes is shown going heavy with his vocals again.
I’m not talking his Sempiternal-era yells either, I’m talking his ferocious deathcore/metalcore-era screams.

It appears “the guttural is back. 2020 is the year of the guttural” mentioned earlier this year wasn’t just a tease, and their aptly titled episode ‘just sum screams’ proves it. Have a watch, and take a listen for yourself:

As keyboardist/programmer Jordan Fish put it: “I like a scream, I get the fans bro, that’s what they want, they wanna hear them pipes”.

Now, if I was you, I wouldn’t expect their new material to be exclusively heavy. From what we’ve heard so far, it seems they’ve taken the logical step after Amo and ‘Music To Listen To…’ in regards to their experimentation with electronics but hey, it’s looking like the band plan to sprinkle in some tasteful breakdowns and heavy parts to compliment their progression.

BMTH’s brand new single ‘Parasite Eve’ was originally planned for a June 10 release, but considering the current social climate, the band decided to postpone the release indefinitely.

In an Instagram post, Oli Sykes said: “Some of you know we were planning on releasing a new track this week. But with the incredible movement that is taking place currently, we don’t feel comfortable releasing & promoting anything that takes the focus off what’s important right now.
I KNOW you will all understand because we have the best fans in the world & I promise you we won’t make you wait too long & the good news is more music will be coming soon after P.E too. But for now, keep fighting the good fight & stay tuned”.

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