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I See Stars announce new album ‘Treehouse’

I See Stars announce new album ‘Treehouse’


I See Stars have announced they will be releasing their fifth album Treehouse on June 17th via Sumerian Records.

The 12-track album will be the first to feature vocalist Devin Oliver taking over both vocal duties. The album was produced by a number of producers including Erik Ron (Panic! at the Disco, Saosin), Nick Scott (Asking Alexandria, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!), Taylor Larson (Periphery, Veil of Maya) and David Bendeth (Bring Me The Horizon, Paramore).

Check out the full track list and video teaser below as well as a statement from vocalist Devin Oliver.

“This is the most time we’ve had to create an album since 3D. We actually had time to reflect on our past, but most importantly what we want to become. Beyond the music, it felt like an evolution for us emotionally. We finally feel like the band we were meant to be. If you strip it down, it’s not just drums, guitar, bass, vocals, and minor production. The electronic aspects could be their own songs, and we aim to blend everything as seamlessly as possible.”

– Devin Oliver (vocalist)

Treehouse Track List
1. Calm snow
2. Break
3. White Lies
4. Everyone’s Safe in the Treehouse
5. Running With Scissors
6. Mobbin’ Out
7. Walking on Gravestones
8. Light in the Cave
9. All In
10. Two Hearted
11. Portals
12. Yellow King

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