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Best of 2015: EP of the Year

Best of 2015: EP of the Year


EP’s are always like a dessert with your meal– something extra and worth appreciating. They range from reinvented songs to acoustic versions or to even something completely new. Check out the top five EP’s of this year. 

5. Real Friends – More Acoustic Songs

“One of the key bands in the new wave of pop punk that have put the genre in better shape than years, Real Friends are perhaps even better as an acoustic act. This EP, released for Record Store Day, is consistently excellent but has one undisputed gem in the form of a collaboration with This Wild Life’s Kevin Jordan, an adaptation of past hit “Late Nights in My Car”. Dan Lambton always brings a massive level of heart that elevates their music beyond many of their peers, and what’s perhaps most exciting about Real Friends is that they’ve achieved so much, and sound so fully formed so early in their career.”  -Michael Bird


4. Emarosa – Versus Reimagined

“Emarosa definitely impressed their fans with the beauty and emotion felt through each reimagined track. It almost seems like they are completely new. Bradley Walden produces such peacefulness with the softness in his voice. The entire EP distinguishes the distinct sounds of violins and pianos harmonizing so gracefully. It’s definitely something out of Emarosa’s comfort zone, and they did it with such elegance.”  -Alex Lizette


3. Set It Off – Duality: Stories Unplugged

“Crafting an acoustic reimagining of their inspired and imaginative pop romp “Duality”, Set It Off were able to breathe new life into a selection of songs from the aforementioned LP. Keeping in the spirit of the band’s love for all things theatrical and grandiose acoustic guitar isn’t the only instrument you’ll hear. Cody Carson’s impassioned delivery on the acoustic rendition of ‘Ancient History’ is especially powerful and just one of the highlights on this fantastic acoustic pop EP.” -Matthew Powers


2. The Devil Wears Prada – Space

“Continuing in the ambitious spirit of the now five year old “Zombie” EP, TDWP outdid themselves with an atmospheric and career-progressing conceptual release based around space. Making the popularized prog metal movement into a style that works with the band’s aggressive metalcore created a unique and explorative listen, especially on the panicked ‘Moongod’ and explosive ‘Supernova’. TDWP stayed true to themselves while simultaneously moving their approach forward, an achievement for one of modern metalcore’s most reliably substantial bands.” -Matthew Powers


1. Tyler Carter – Leave Your Love

“One of the most exciting aspects of the Issues sound is the R&B flavour that Tyler Carter brings to the table, offsetting their hyper-modern metalcore. His solo career allows him to unleash his vocals in more comfortable territory, the dulcet tones gorgeously complimenting the luscious contemporary production from Blackbear and Scout. Both the title track and “Georgia” are among the best songs of the year, and above all Carter himself is one of the single best singers in music today. It may not be heavy, but Leave Your Love is a lovely package of songs that Issues fans and others will love.” – Michael Bird

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