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ALBUM: Pierce The Veil – ‘Misadventures’

ALBUM: Pierce The Veil – ‘Misadventures’


After months of waiting impatiently, which eventually turned into years, Pierce The Veil is finally out with their fourth full-length album Misadventures. The four year wait for this album created a tremendous amount of anxiousness, but now that it’s out, all there’s to do is listen to it on repeat for the next few months because it is truly a work of art.

Their first release from the album “The Divine Zero” created an unsure feeling. Usually the first tracks released from an album set the tone for the rest of the album, but that wasn’t the case. This can be said about their second release “Texas Is Forever,” which was honestly a huge disappointment. “The Divine Zero” at least sounded like something Pierce The Veil would produce; it was consistent and original. As for “Texas Is Forever,” there is false hope. The opening to the track got off to the right start, but as it played on it was just terrible. The instrumentals sounded too choppy and it’s sad to say the vocals weren’t all that great.

After that release, some Pierce The Veil fans would lose all hope for the rest of the album– or at least I did. But once the third track “Circles” was released, it came back. In all honestly, “Circles” should have been the first track to be released due to the fact it correctly sets the tone for Misadventures. Throughout the track it seems as if vocalist Vic Fuentes is filled with more happiness. There is something about his voice on this album that sounds so natural. Not only are the vocals the most notable off the album, but the instrumentals, too, are so renewed and fresh. It sounds nothing like what Pierce The Veil usually produces and I say that in a good way.

What stands out the most about Misadventures is the shift in tone throughout the album. The opening track “Dive In” sort of sneaks up on you. The beginning of the song gives off a mysterious vibe that builds the anticipation then all of a sudden it drops and already the album is off to a great start. The different tones and sounds played in “Dive In” perfectly transition to one another. The best part, of course, has to be the breakdown. Guitar player Tony Perry creates an edgy finish that is unexpected. Pierce The Veil always does their best at experimenting with new sounds, adding in different genres of music. As  for the rest of the album, the sound builds through each track then eventually become slower, with more emotion.

It’s difficult to analyze each song individually. There are no words to capture just how phenomenal this album is; it just wouldn’t be enough. Pierce The Veil definitely outdid themselves. Already 10 years as a band and they continue to show growth and potential in their music. From the emotion constantly expressed through their lyrics to the blissful sounds of passion, Misadventures successfully fulfills the expectations of four years of waiting.

Alex Lizette Doing what I do best.