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REVIEW: Between You & Me Delivers Pure, Fun Summer Vibe Pop-Punk On EP ‘SH!T YEAH’ 8.5

REVIEW: Between You & Me Delivers Pure, Fun Summer Vibe Pop-Punk On EP ‘SH!T YEAH’


Australian pop-punk underdogs Between You & Me have released their brand new EP titled ‘SH!T YEAH’. This mark’s the band’s first release since 2021’s sophomore record ‘Armageddon’. They’ve since parted ways with their former label Hopeless Records, and this mark’s the band’s first independent release. This release dives into pop-punk, pop rock, and similar vibes from their last album to deliver on songs specifically for the summer. From catchy choruses, upbeat instrumentals, and a fun theme all around…this band brings the joy back to the genre, as well as pushing a few boundaries when it comes to their sound. 

The EP starts off with one of the best songs this band has put out, with “Kill My Vibe”. This one is just an instant banger, and a sure one to get stuck in people’s heads. From it’s earworm of a chorus to the feature delivered by Knuckle Puck frontman Joe Taylor, this track is here to stay for their fans and in their live set I’m sure. It gives off a real late 2000’s pop-punk energy that I appreciate greatly. I definitely think vocalist Jake Wilson and Joe‘s vocals go incredibly well together for a track like this, and it was a good call having a staple like him on the first song. We continue on with my personal favorite track from this release, with “In the Middle”. I think this track blends pop rock elements nicely with its pop-punk ones, it shows how much this band has grown over the years when it comes to their songwriting. The chorus to this song is one of the best I’ve heard all year, and easily a top 5 for them overall. It’s lyrics dive into the fallout of a relationship and dealing with not being able to quit it, something I’m sure many listeners can relate to. Jake definitely sounds his best on this song, delivering the chorus and belting out those notes. The first half of the EP ends with the first single from over a year ago, with “Nevermind”. This track is the literal definition of a summer track, all the way through. From singing about “searching for the California kinda vibe” to it’s pop-rock kind of chorus, it’s easily one of their catchier tracks overall. I also appreciate how we get a record scratch before the first verse starts, it continues that 2000’s kind of energy from earlier. 

The second half of the EP starts off one of the non-singles, with “Every Morning”. This one gives off an energy from the last record similar to “Supervillain”, but better I would say. The vibe for this feels very specific and it hits with a juggernaut of a chorus, this band sure knows how to write a good hook. I’m very keen to seeing them play this one live and the crowd going off for it. And shoutout to the guitar solo delivered by guitarist Chris Bowerman. It’s the kind of fun needed on this EP to mix it up, which is nice. The penultimate song arrives with the second single, with “YEAH!”. This is the kind of song that grows on you, like it did with me. The verses ooze a real confidence delivered by Jake. It’s playful in it’s lyrics and delivery and they flow pretty well. It’s one I can tell from experience goes over very well live, as the crowd sings the last chorus. The songs on this EP feel like they’re made for a live setting, and it’s a testament to why this band has a growing fanbase. The EP ends with a more out there kinda song, with “Sad Songs”. This one immediately gives off real Oasis vibes, it’s more laid back and vibe-y compared to the previous tracks. I think it’s a new kind of sound for this band, that they pull off very well. It also feels very fitting for a final song on this release, and the acoustic bit at the end is a really nice touch. It really makes this come full circle and sets itself apart from the rest of the EP. 

Overall, ‘SH!T YEAH’ is a wonderful collection of songs from a band who absolutely deserves the world. Between You & Me are a band who brings some genuine vibes and songwriting back to the genre, and they have so much more to offer. They’re not afraid to sound how they wanna sound, and it comes across beautifully among these six songs. This EP is proof alone why they should be at the top of the scene among their peers. 

Check out the video for “In the Middle” below. 



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