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The Used & Glassjaw Fall Tour 2017 – Silver Spring, MD – 11.14.17

The Used & Glassjaw Fall Tour 2017 – Silver Spring, MD – 11.14.17

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Celebrating the release of their newest album The Canyon, The Used set off on tour with Glassjaw to commemorate this achievement.  One of their stops involved The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD.  Check out the gallery below as photographer Luis Rosales was there to witness this beautiful spectacular.


Up first starting promptly at 8 was Glassjaw as they brought some serious heat to the stage for many first time listeners. With their ripping guitar solos full of effects and the drums being demolished, it was such a great performance. The lighting however was kept dark for the most part and were very heavy on the strobes yet they used a variety of colors. They had such a huge sound to them and Daryl Palumbo’s voice was so raw that you felt the power of his performance every minute of the night. Overall a fantastic performance that gained a lot of new fans.


Now for the main act, The Used made a huge entrance with a giant sheet that only Bert stood in front of while the rest of the band were silhouettes. When that curtain dropped, Bert greeted everyone by spitting water straight into the air and their beautiful production was revealed with light bars all across the stage. They opened up “Take it Away” which had fans screaming from the get go. When the band got to “The Taste of Ink” the whole venue bursted with everyone singing along to the point where even Bert didn’t have to sing for the chorus and he watched in awe by the participation. Right before The Used started to play “Over and Over Again,” he brought up a young fan and even hand picked a few fans from the crowd to dance on stage. He also started a dance pit instead of a mosh pit to bring everyone together. As the night went on, they presented a live debut of “Selfies in Aleppo.” This night was definitely one to remember for a lot of fans, especially the ones that got to dance on stage with their favorite band. Overall a mesmerizing and beautifully put together show.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.


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