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HIM – Bang & Whimper 2017 Farewell Tour – Silver Spring, MD – 11.9.17

HIM – Bang & Whimper 2017 Farewell Tour – Silver Spring, MD – 11.9.17

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The Fillmore was up next to host HIM on their sold out show with CKY and 3TEETH in Silver Spring, MD as fans of all ages came through to say goodbye to a long time band. Check out the gallery below as photographer Luis Rosales was able to attend this heartfelt show.


Up first promptly at 7 was 3TEETH as they quickly caught the crowd’s attention with their unique sound. It almost sounded like an 90s industrial band mixed with an arena rock band. Definitely a unique sounding group like no other. They were very heavy on the strobe their entire performance, which is bad news for any epileptic. Overall a good show from the guys as they got everyone warmed up.


Now it was time for the nostalgia to hit most fans here as CKY took the stage that brought many fans back to the old days. They opened up with “Rio Bravo” and “The Human Drive in Hi-Fi.” Nothing like some good old head banging music for the soul as everyone in the building felt the rhythm of the syncopated drums and guitar solos by Deron Miller. Once they started one of their most famous singles “96 Quite Bitter Beings” everyone lost their minds as it reminded them of when everyone used to watch Viva La Bam back in the day. Just a fantastic show from the veteran rockers that brought back so many memories.


Now for the reason everyone came out tonight, as His Infernal Majesty, also known as HIM to most people. It’s no surprise as to why this show sold out with every song being a huge hit starting with “Buried Alive by Love” and “Heartache Every Moment.” Production for this tour was pretty heavily backlit and dark but they did have strobes go off every once in awhile. The stage started with a single light in the bass drum with the infamous heartagram lit up. For a moment, there was a single spotlight on guitarist Linde and started a fan favorite “Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly” which had everyone scream at the top of their lungs. There’s no better sound than all the fans singing along, and that’s exactly what happened during “Wicked Games” and during the guitar when everybody gave their full attention during every solo. Immediately after that, the band broke into “Killing Loneliness” which was another fan favorite. Everyone clapped their hands and sang along as they lost their mind for the entire song.  As the show went on, the band stop briefly after “The Funeral of Heart” for what seemed like the end but came out with an encore with “Rebel Yell” and “When Love And Death Embrace” as this was the last time they would ever play in Maryland. HIM has put on a memorable farewell tour playing a bunch of fan favorites and would leave fans wishing they would come back.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.


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