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The Hype Tour – Silver Spring, MD – 11.22.17

The Hype Tour – Silver Spring, MD – 11.22.17

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Hoodie Allen’s The Hype Tour made its way to the Fillmore in Silver Spring to kick off this holiday weekend, bringing along opening acts Myles Parrish and Luke Christopher for the month and a half long North American Tour. Check out our gallery below as Sarah Eckstine was there to capture all the action!

First to take the stage was Myles Parrish, a 25 year old rapper hailing from California who brought some heat early to the show. The rapper was able to draw out much participation from the crowd with his energized dance moves and chanting lyrics back and forth with audience members, even leaving the stage and joining the mosh pit for his closing song, leaving the crowd even more ‘hype’ for the next performance. 


Next to take the stage was Luke Christopher, another California native who even with his more lowkey and relaxed set, kept the party going as he brought out his R&B style, rapping about love and heartbreak and drugs, with favorites such as “Bedroom Trip” and “Lot To Learn.” Christopher’s powerful lyrics and voice carried through the venue and resonated with the crowd, as he reminded us of our loved ones and our struggles, and what we have to be thankful for this holiday. 


The moment the crowd had been waiting for had finally arrived, as Hoodie Allen was about to take the stage, with the first wave of the hype being introduced by his phenomenal band; guitarist Alex Howard, bassist Nicky C, and drummer Jimmy Kadesch. When Hoodie hit the stage, his mesmerizing lighting setup and voice alike lit up the Fillmore like a Christmas tree, and the crowd wasted no time when it came to jumping and screaming the lyrics and swaying to the sound of the music. Much of the success of Hoodie’s set came from his use of props and crowd interaction; using a device that shot fake money into the crowd during “Sushi,” having balloons rain down during “Surprise Party,” throwing actual cakes into the audience during “Cake Boy,” and a favorite of the night, replacing the lyrics to “No Faith in Brooklyn” to “No Faith in Maryland.” Hoodie Allen’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, a perfect way to kick off the holiday. 

Sarah Eckstine Photographer based out of Maryland


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