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Fit For A King & In Hearts Wake Fall Tour 2017 – Baltimore, MD – 11.20.17

Fit For A King & In Hearts Wake Fall Tour 2017 – Baltimore, MD – 11.20.17


Coming to town on this chilly night to Soundstage is Fit For A King and In Hearts Wake for their co-headlining tour featuring Phinehas and Like Moths To Flames.  Check out the gallery below as Luis Rosales was there for this big show.


Taking the stage, Phinehas starts promptly at 8:10 to immediately get the crowd jumping and throwing down in the middle. Ripping through their set of only 6 songs, they made the best of it by leaving everything they had on stage. The power they showed from each member was outstanding as Sean McCulloch would jump into the barricade and sing to the fans. Everything was flawless from Phinehas as they finished their set for the night.


Up next was Like Moths To Flames as they came out big with “New Plagues” which got some people started to crowd surf at this what seems to be intimate show. The first crowd surfer made some contact to scream the lyrics halfway through the song which started a chain of events. Their lighting was a bit on the dark side but they had the occasional strobe go off to light them up. Singer Chris Roetter was very engaging the entire night with him talking to fans and just making everyone feeling engaged and really part of the show. Their set definitely got more intimate and engaging the more they went on. Left fans talking about this performance for a while.


Hailing all the way from Australia, playing their first show in Baltimore, In Hearts Wake take stage as they everyone who Came knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. Right away, there was something completely different with the stage, and that was the two super bright light stands on each side of the stage which gave the show a completely different atmosphere while watching. Adding the extraordinary performance of In Hearts Wake, singer Jake Taylor brings out a raft that he proceeds to jump in the crowd with to grab a flag and back to stage all while on the raft. There hasn’t been more phones out recording at once until tonight for that spectacular stunt put on by Jake. For the whole hour, there wasn’t a dull moment from the guys from down under.


Closing out for tonight is Fit For A King as they opened up with “More Than Nameless” and the fans instantly went off. The energy that came out of the guys tonight was unreal, especially coming from Ryan Tuck. The man was jumping around every chance he got off of every riser on the stage. Production from this set was outstanding with all the lights and fog being utilized throughout the night. This gave the guys on stage a very ominous look as the fog kept rolling out. They took it back for the original fans as they busted out “Ancient Waters” where the crowd absolutely went off singing along. It was a shame that a lot of the fans decided to leave after In Hearts Wake because they missed out on an immaculate show that could be one of their best performances in Baltimore that they have played. They went on to play their full 14 songs to end the night with fan favorite, “Pissed Off” where the mosh pit took up a huge space in the venue. This show tonight was one for the books for the guys in Fit For A King.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.