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Silverstein & Senses Fail Co-headlining Tour – Baltimore, MD – 12.11.15

Silverstein & Senses Fail Co-headlining Tour – Baltimore, MD – 12.11.15


In this chapter of the Co-headlining tour, Silverstein and Senses Fail took over Baltimore, MD at Soundstage for the tour that started the debate between fans on who should have headlined.  Most fans didn’t care who headlined, as long as they got to see their favorite bands live and play some throwbacks that drove some people crazy.  Along for the tour was Hundredth and Capsize, and photographer Luis Rosales was there to capture this show.

Capsize took the stage first starting promptly at 7pm and actually went over their set time playing an additional 2 songs, but no one really cared as they had made some new fans quick.  With a pretty well thought out light show, your eyes were drawn to the stage as Capsize had huge stage presence and a massive sound.  There was so much going on on-stage, between the jumping and spinning that you just didn’t know where to look and you would have a lot of fun watching these guys tear it up.

Hundredth was up next and they are no strangers to most.  Playing tours such as the Vans Warped Tour earlier this year, these guys had expectations to many but they blew right past those expectations. Playing through their set fairly quick due to time restrictions, Hundredth wasted no time to give an insane performance as frontman Chadwick Johnson frequently jumped off stage to get up against the barricade to get up close with fans so they too can sing along to songs such as “Break Free,” “Inside Out,” and “Free Mind/ Open Spirit” as their openers. Hundredth definitely showed Baltimore what a hardcore band is supposed to look and sound like.

Senses Fail come on next and immediately you could tell where the true fans were as many forced their way to the front while some stayed back but still couldn’t help but to get hyped and move around themselves. On stage however, the lighting was incredible.  With a wide array of colors and types of lights, one could only watch in awe as this spectacular was going on.  The music was flawless as well as everybody was perfectly in sync. Playing a massive 14 songs as co-headliner is huge as they played their best from their albums “Pull The Thorns From Your Heart,” all the way back to “Let it Unfold You.” Fans sang along left and right. All that can be said from these guys was that they did not disappoint with this phenomenal show.

Lastly, Silverstein came on to close out the night with a bang as they also played a massive 15 song setlist from “When Broken is Easily Fixed,” to “I Am Alive In Everything I Touch.” The stage had incredible lighting with plenty of front white lights and plenty of colorful lights in the back, with subtle fog to show the light beams move across the air space. It was clear that everybody in the band still loves what they do as they all showed a genuine smile which only translated to fans to give them an experience instead of just a rock show. The combination of bands on this tour was great and one that is not to be missed. 

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.