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Colors 10 Year Anniversary Tour – Baltimore, MD – 9.22.17

Colors 10 Year Anniversary Tour – Baltimore, MD – 9.22.17


The 10 year anniversary tour of Between The Buried And Me‘s album Colors, hit Soundstage in Baltimore, MD last week as fans bought out the tickets for this sold event.  Joining them on the tour was support from The Contortionists, Polyphia, and Toothgrinder.  Check out the gallery below as our photographer Luis Rosales was there for this memorable night.


Up first was the melodic band known as Toothgrinder who started off the night precisely at 7:00pm sharp for tonight’s sold out show. Starting out you can already tell that this show would be a high production show for every band. With the combination of their heavy breakdowns and super tight melodies, fans were able to choose from just hanging out or getting things started in the mosh pits. Every member of the band was very active on stage and absolutely ripped every note perfectly. They’re set seemed extremely short but killed it for the 25 minutes.


Up next is the instrumental geniuses of Polyphia, playing their smooth, yet extremely technical material. They were limited by having a short set as well but that didn’t phase them at all as they brought a pleasing mood to the night with their buttery smooth riffs that would make anyone excited to watch. They even threw in a massive drum solo towards the end that got the crowd fired up. They would clap along to some of the most melodic parts of their set that synced up with the lights which pulsed with every hit. Polyphia has definitely grown a lot over the years and tonight really showed after a flawless performance.


The Contortionist were up as they started their set with their singer mumbling some words as he did this limp walking. The production for this set was phenomenally more eye catching with the variety of colors and strobes that grabbed your attention throughout. The band is known to change up their pace of their songs that would go from heavy and hard hitting to slowed down and more chilled out. Fans responded to this by crowd surfing during the heavier parts and those against the barricade head banging so aggressively. Watching them play is so impressive when they start getting into their technical riffs then change it up to palm mutes and chugging lows. Overall outstanding set from The Contortionists.


Between The Buried And Me took the stage next as they closed out the night. Interestingly enough, not only did they bring their lighting setup, they didn’t use any house lights whatsoever. It gave them the effect of appearing more mysterious. Since this was the 10 year anniversary of Colors, the band played the record in its entirety and fans sang along to every single word the whole night as it brought back memories for many. All the old fans and even new fans can appreciate a fantastic record that lasts for many years. It’s amazing watching fans scream at the top of their lungs to every word and watch in awe as guitarist Dustie Waring played his various solos throughout. It was interesting watching fans react to the different styles of music that was being played like an old school country saloon type rhythm to an accordion with a syncopated beat and back to crushing it with their heavy music. The level of excitement stayed consistent all night as fans just reacted so well to every song played. A fantastic tour overall that everyone should check out as they are selling out shows city to city.


Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.