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The Stories We Tell Ourselves Tour – Baltimore, MD – 9.21.17

The Stories We Tell Ourselves Tour – Baltimore, MD – 9.21.17


In celebration of their newest album being released, Nothing More set out for their The Stories We Tell Ourselves tour with the direct support from Hell or HighwaterPalisades, and My Ticket Home.  Check out the gallery below as our photographer Luis Rosales set out to Baltimore for one of the most insane shows to be put on from any band.


As an opening band, Hell or Highwater seemed like an ordinary band but they were far from that. After a few songs in, singer Brandon Sallar jumped off stage and walked into the middle of the crowd and even jumped on the bar top then around the entire venue before jumping back on stage. A few songs later he brought down guitarist on his shoulders while he still played their set. Not many bands show that much showmanship or use the entire venue to their advantage. Hell or Highwater was definitely a fun band to watch with what they did on and off the stage.


Definitely one of the popular bands in the lineup as shown by the fans. Out of the bat you had fans singing along and screaming as soon as they stepped on the red lit stage. They kept their production simple and a little dark throughout and even had the stage lit up by phone flashes coming from the crowd for a very twilight feeling.  Their singer, put on a powerful performance as you felt every note he sang and he put everything he had in each scream. Overall a performance that was many talked about during the set change.


Up next is My Ticket Home as direct support for Nothing More as a last minute change in the lineup. Their style of music was more chilled out than everyone else as the extensive use of reverb and echo filled the room with a trance like vibe. As you looked around the room, mostly everyone has nodding their heads to the soft, yet aggressive music. The lighting compared to everyone was fantastic so far as they used plenty of colors to change the mood as they played on. Towards the end of the set, guitarist Derek Blevins had some technical difficulties but the band continued as he figured out the problem. After some time he able to figure out the problem and jump in right in time for his solo at the end of the song. For their last song, lit up the stage with all white lights and had a red light effect that looked like sirens spinning around the room. My Ticket Home performed a near perfect set if it weren’t for that small technical error at the end.


Now for the band everyone was waiting for, one of the most enjoyable bands to watch for their showmanship and crazy stage props, Nothing More took over Baltimore as they got the stage ready for what’s to come next.  Almost Immediately when they started playing, the production showed its true value as the lighting they provided was absolutely beautiful with all the colors they provided as well as the extra smoke effect that shot up to the ceiling. During their set, the members of Nothing More threw Daniel Oliver’s bass on to this contraction that held his bass where almost all members jumped on and played a three way solo on it, which fired up the crowd because they’re the only band that does such a thing and pull it off perfectly. At this point of the night, Nothing More has the only active crowd surfers. For their song “Just Say When” the band chilled out to play their extremely intimate song that fans sang along every word to. After that, they picked it up again with “I’ll be OK/Here’s to Heartache” to continue their perfectly executed set for the night. Be sure to catch the rest of the tour as they just started this leg of their tour to celebrate their latest release of The Stories We Tell Ourselves.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.