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Maraluna Drop New Single “Buried”

Maraluna Drop New Single “Buried”


Aspiring metalcore outfit Maraluna dropped their sophomore single Buried this weekend, bursting with creativity and a fresh sound that will be sure to appeal to fans of the genre both new and old.

For those unaware, Maraluna’s sound feels reminiscent at times of Dayseeker and Issues, with 80’s atmospheric synths, djent-y riffs, rap verses, and soaring chorus melodies throughout the new track. “Buried”‘s chorus stands out immediately upon first listen, with an immensely catchy, yet simplistic hook, repeating the phrase “I’m buried alive” led by groovy guitar riffs that drill the chorus into the listener’s head. These guitars also power a pummeling breakdown to end the 2:52-long song, ending the short track on a sweet note. 

Stream the new single “Buried” below.


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