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SINGLE: The Amity Affliction – “Shine On”

SINGLE: The Amity Affliction – “Shine On”


The Amity Affliction have released their newest single “Shine On,” and it was definitely worth waiting a year to hear new material.

To start off the song, a choir of children angelically repeat the line “lifts us up.” Like other tracks they’ve produce, the choice of having a choir repeat a specific line gives the song so much more emotion and power. The singing builds until vocalist Joel Birch comes in with a more heavier voice than usual. It’s hard to point out at first, but after a few listens, it’s more noticeable. That doesn’t go to say it’s a bad thing, but it’s definitely worth noting.

Like always, vocalist/bass guitarist Ahren Stringer’s voice smoothly joins in after Joel Birch. Ahren Stringer has a distinct voice that gives off the feeling of sincerity with each line he sings. This is especially important due to the significance of the lyrics. Between the lyrics and instrumentals, the lyrics are the most dominant and should be looked at closely instead of being ignored because of the heaviness.

Although the lyrics are the most important pertaining to this specific track, the instrumentals are still notable. The breakdown, for example, is a mix of different feelings. Usually a breakdown has one heavy drop, but that’s not the case for “Shine On.” Instead, it breaks down in sections. It’s disappointing, but also catchy. The first section of the breakdown begins after Joel Birch screams “and fight the will to give in” which is followed by loud, choppy drumming. It seems as if it would’ve dropped heavier, but it does so for only a second. The instrumentals are too consistent and could’ve been more distinct. Although it’s disappointing at first, the second section of the breakdown begins again with Joel Birch screaming “and we’re too strong to drown.” This time, what stands out is the way Joel Birch gives a very quick scream which leads to the end of the breakdown.

The Amity Affliction has a way with ending their songs so peacefully, yet still with much power. Like every song they’ve produce, “Shine On” definitely accomplishes getting a meaningful message across along with giving off feelings of love and strength.


Alex Lizette Doing what I do best.