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ALBUM: Handguns – ‘Disenchanted’

ALBUM: Handguns – ‘Disenchanted’


2015 has been chalk full of great releases from pop punk bands, such as The Wonder Years, Knuckle Puck and Neck Deep. With so many recent releases within the genre, one might say it would be hard to even compete with so many incredible bands that have released albums this year. Handguns however completely stands out from the pack, with their new album Disenchanted. What seems to be just a catchy pop punk album on the surface, is in fact quite more complex than one might think. Vocalist Taylor Eby has said that this album  “…deals with the concept of how certain things you once loved can become the one thing you hate, are disappointed in, etc and how feeling that way can make you become a pessimistic, jaded person.” Disenchanted may have a slightly deeper lyrical meaning than one might expect, but that doesn’t stop this from being a highly engaging album that is especially fun to listen to.

Disenchanted opens with a quote from little miss sunshine, starting the album out with a bit of cliché. Quite honestly it seems as if nearly every pop punk band has sampled a snippet from a movie in a least one of their songs, however don’t let this fool you, Self Portrait is an excellent song. The first three songs on the album are all uniquely great in their own way, but the fourth song on the album is what will really reel listeners in. Low Spirits is one of those frenzied, energetic, that fans won’t be able to get out of their head.

Carbon Copy Elitist, is a slightly unexpected song that touches on subjects one wouldn’t expect to see from a band like Handguns. Even though the song opens with some cheesy dialogue, and is only 1 minute and 30 seconds long, it is pretty funny to see Handguns include a song like this on the album. The only downfall of Disenchanted is how erroneous it may come off at times. In some songs, such as Disenchanted, the witty dialogue at the begging of the song just comes off as so forced and phony, as if trying to get a cheap laugh from the listener.  

Even though there are a few odd intros thrown in right in the middle of this album, Disenchanted isn’t something that should be written off completely. Taylor Eby has a great talent for writing heartfelt lyrics, that clash ever so slightly with the poppy instrumentality of the band. Handguns has continuously for the past 3 years, released nothing put greatly entertaining music, and are a band that shouldn’t be slept on.


  1. Haha. The beginning of Disenchanted is me actually fucking up but ok! Hahaha -Taylor(yes, from the band)

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