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ALBUM: Our Last Night – ‘Younger Dreams’

ALBUM: Our Last Night – ‘Younger Dreams’


Catchy post-hardcore with pop tendencies and alternative rock-style instrumentation has become an increasingly occupied sound to play. When a sound is accused of being it is just on the verge of becoming a cliche, however one band infuses this sound with such uplifting positivity and ambition that they are nearly enough to revive a beaten and dead horse–Their name? Our Last Night.

On and off the radar since 2008, OLN have blazed a trail of popularity over time. Fans have followed the band for their tight songwriting and undeniably talented penchant for recording covers of pop songs in an alt. rock format. 2013’s conceptual Oak Island EP further cemented the band’s talents and abilities by maturing their already solid style and continuing the infectiously positive themes of change and finding your place in the world that the name Our Last Night has been known for.

With 2015’s crest, Our Last Night have given birth to their finest offering to date: Younger Dreams. The title of said album hints at a time when worry was minimal and doubt in the world wasn’t so commonplace. Happier thoughts were prevalent and better times, a standard. Perhaps this title most refers to thinking back to those times and wishing they were still the norm, with a hint of regret. This somber, mature nature can be heard throughout the 11 tracks of this reflective record.

Younger Dreams not only features noticeable progression but also the best mix an OLN has ever featured, evident with the semi-jazz, ballad-esque clean chords and synth fade-in of Prisoners’ analysis of the world’s decisions. Though these 11 tracks don’t constantly feature the most sensible lyrics (“White Tiger” is admittedly an embarrassing attempt at making an original love song with metaphors about being bitten and bleeding out, “Home” and “Diamonds” choruses are a bit too cliche) the melodies and instrumental composition are fantastic and play greatly to the band’s strengths. It’s special when a song is catchy and written well-enough that the listener will sing along no matter what is being sang about and that is exactly what OLN have been able to do with this record.

That’s not to say the lyrical concepts should go unheard. “Forgotten Souls” is one of the more memorable call-to-arms songs that you’ll hear for awhile, its somber story about a mother’s thought process of the desire to die striking hard.  Living Now will be regarded as one of OLN’s most relatable songs, it being about moving forward and living your life while you’re alive. The title track perfectly  describes what it’s like to grasp your youth and sinking in the desire to still be younger. Road To The Throne is the most youthful song on the album– Rising to the top and looking to conquer are both touched on enough in this scene but this song is believable enough with its lively percussion and towering melodies.

Our Last Night are a band who have never strayed far from their established sound and that’s not such a bad thing when it’s one of the most well-executed sounds in the post-hardcore scene. Younger Dreams improved songwriting, bigger melodies and fantastic instrumentation will surely push the band’s pop-punk meets alternative pop sound to more fans, especially thanks to OLN’s Warped Tour run this Summer. Plus, it’s not a stretch to say that the sound on this record isn’t far from Fall Out Boy’s more recent efforts. OLN could very well be playing to bigger crowds within the next year.

Matthew Powers I write reviews for CaliberTV and enjoy the existence of music.