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The Last Hero Tour – Alter Bridge, Nonpoint – Silver Spring, MD – 2.10.17

The Last Hero Tour – Alter Bridge, Nonpoint – Silver Spring, MD – 2.10.17

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A big name in the hard rock world, Alter Bridge, set off for their headlining tour to start the year off right following their latest studio album release The Last Hero.  Joining them on the road was Nonpoint who had recently wrapped up their 20th anniversary mini tour.  Check out the gallery below provided by our photographer Luis Rosales for this memorable tour.


Its common in the Silver Spring area in Maryland for fans to wait inside bars and restaurants around the venue when its cold outside, but that night was a special night for most.  Lines wrapped around the block as it took about 45 minutes to an hour to get in if you were in the very back of the line.  Once inside, you were greeted by a stack of lighting on stage that Nonpoint used for that tour.  The band started off with “Pins and Needles” and continued with “The Truth” and “What a Day” as they were off to a raging start.  Dreadlocks being swung everywhere and the drum set being set up in a non-traditional way where Robb Rivera was sitting sideways on stage.  The band was very interactive with fans, especially those standing on the barricade where a couple of younger fans and their parents were handed guitar picks and drum sticks personally.  Fans really enjoyed the part of the show when they played their Phil Collins cover of “In The Air Tonight” as that was the most fans sang along for that part of the set.  Nonpoint has and always will be a great band to watch and definitely one to catch in the future.  Everything about their performance was flawless and energetic.


Heavy hitter and titans of rock, Alter Bridge’s time to take the stage finally came.  With a lineup that has stayed consistent throughout their career; Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall, and Scott Phillips, it was easy to see why people lined up so early in the cold before doors.  The moment the band took stage, fans erupted as before the first chord was even struck.  Starting off with “The Writing on the Wall,” “Come To Life,” and “Farther Than The Sun” the group instantly showed us why they have such a reputation like they do now.  Having three mic stands in front if the stage allowed Myles Kennedy to be mobile and give each side of the venue a fair chance watching him up close, as well as Mark Tremonti for having built a legacy for his musicianship.  For their time on stage, Alter Bridge was able to knock out 17 songs in addition to 3 more for their encore.  Their encore included “Show Me A Leader” and a guitar duel solo between Mark and Myles, and end this memorable night with “Rise Today.”  Alter Bridge is full of talent and they have such a legacy together that will last for years to come.  This tour was very well put together with an amazing production as well.  Be sure to catch any remainder dates of the tour, this is one not to miss.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.


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