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The Concrete Confessional Tour – Hatebreed, DevilDriver, Devil You Know – Baltimore, MD – 6.2.16

The Concrete Confessional Tour – Hatebreed, DevilDriver, Devil You Know – Baltimore, MD – 6.2.16

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With every new album, it’s only appropriate to set out on tour to celebrate the release. In this case, it was Hatebreed and their newest album “The Concrete Confessional” which released earlier this year spring time. Fans were asking for them to tour with DevilDriver and Devil You Know, and they made it happen for this run as well having Act of Defiance join them later on to finish the tour for Devil You Know. Baltimore, MD was the next stop for this heavy hitting tour as photographer Luis Rosales witnessed the insanity that ensued.


Devil You Know kicked off the night as they opened with “Consume the Damned” and fans along the barricade started raging. The energy level coming from the stage as well as the fans was so high, it was hard not to head bang along whether you were in the front, back, or off to the side. Howard Jones, formally from Killswitch Engage, took some time to joke around with fans in between songs and also introduced the band as a mash up of former members of other bands. They recently added Nick Augusto, ex-Trivium, to drum for them. They had a fairly short set of 7 songs but it didn’t really matter since they played their best songs from both albums they have out right now.

Up next to create chaos was DevilDriver as they were ready since before doors were even open. Starting off with “End of the Line” as part of their 11 song set list, the band wasted no time playing through them as they had a slightly late start. But just because they had a late start doesn’t mean they rushed, every song was played perfectly throughout the night and their lighting was great as well. They had a few crowd surfers and there was definitely moshing going around the venue as well. For as well as they played, you would have thought they were the headlining band as they looked and sounded amazing.

Now the moment fans were lining up to see hours before doors, Hatebreed was up next to commemorate their latest release of “The Concrete Confessional.” The band was able to squeeze in an impressive 21 songs coming from every album they released. It was the best of old and new for the young and older fans in the crowd. Hatebreed had the best lighting of the night as they had brought some of their own lights and the venue provided plenty of white lighting in the front. Each member of the band had so much energy throughout the night, it’s impressive that they were able to keep it up the entire 21 songs. Many bands would start to get a fatigued and you’d be able to tell but not Hatebreed, they were full speed all the way to the end. Overall a fantastic performance from every band and very well put together production. In the words of Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed, “Get your tickets and we’ll see you in the pit!”

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.


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