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The Cleansing 10 Year Anniversary Tour – Baltimore, MD – 12.7.17

The Cleansing 10 Year Anniversary Tour – Baltimore, MD – 12.7.17


Celebrating 10 years since the release of The Cleansing, Suicide Silence set out on their tour in memory of Mitch Lucker for this phenomenal record they put out. Joining them on for this show in Baltimore, MD is Upon A Burning Body, Prison, and Dead Atlantic.  Check out the gallery below as Luis Rosales was there for this milestone show for Suicide Silence.


Up early in the night, was Dead Atlantic as they brought the thrash style metal to the masses. They played a short set but the crowd was feeling it the whole time. At the end, they started a “one more song chant” as they made new fans playing a perfect set. The band themselves obviously sounded flawless.


Up next all the way from Florida, Prison as bassist Jon Pentz made this his hometown show. From the beginning it was clear that this was going to be an amazing show. Vocalist, Johnny Crowder had the number 365 painted in his chest for tonight as it’s been exactly a year since he met their bassist Jon. They had a surprise 5th member in the band, Jon’s son as stood on stage the entire set strumming the air. The band as a whole sounded amazing and was extremely entertaining to watch. They demanded the crowd to start crowd surfing and stage diving and that’s exactly what they did. Prison put on a fantastic set as all you heard was people talk about how great they sounded Live compared to recordings.


It was Upon A Burning Body turn to keep the party going in Baltimore as they started “BMF.” Right from the start, you notice the production of the show as they had much brighter, colorful lighting and even smoke cannons in the back. Banger after banger, the guys kept a solid group of fans singing along almost the entire time and even kept a consistent number of crowd surfers going while the pit raged. Throughout the night, it was clear that they had a huge fan base with all the Texas horns everyone threw up. Upon A Burning Body played an amazing set here in Baltimore.


Finally to close out the night and the reason for this show, Suicide Silence as they proceeded to play The Cleansing in its entirety. There’s not much to say since they played it front to back except that it was one most brutal set. Right off the bat, every member on the front line was head banging in sync and everyone looked like they were ready for war. The true fans showed their colors in the pit as they were the most violent of the night which made for an interesting sight to see. Production for their set was fairly dark and heavily backlit for the most part. Eddie was very engaging with the fans and even got a fan to buy some of the guys a shot of Jameson. Overall, there’s nothing better than watching Suicide Silence play through The Cleansing in its entirety and a few extras such as “Disengage,” “Hold me Up, Hold me Down,” and of course “You Only Live Once” to close out.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.