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The Deadweight Tour – Baltimore, MD – 12.5.17

The Deadweight Tour – Baltimore, MD – 12.5.17


Coming to Baltimore Soundstage was The Deadweight Tour Part II as Wage War celebrate the release their latest album Deadweight. Along for the tour was Oceans Ate Alaska, and Gideon. Check out the gallery below as Luis Rosales was there for this show.


Since Varials was forced to drop off the show for tonight, Gideon played a little sooner but that just brought in more fans. Along with the earlier set, they were able to play a slightly longer and that of course did not bother anyone. As they ripped on stage, each member brought their own energy including a single high jump from Mitchell Rogers to fill in for tonight. As the show commenced, fans really began to open up the pit and began to to show the true values of Gideon. Although not a single crowd surfed was present yet, that didn’t mean the fans weren’t into it. Gideon put on a great performance in Baltimore.


Coming all the way from the UK, is Oceans Ate Alaska as they brought their British metal core to the mix. Almost immediately fans started to react to the heavy, djent breakdowns with the hardest pit of the night so far. Halfway through their set, they covered Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” which threw so many people off but everyone went with it and responded very positive about it. During their last song “Escapist” the band had one of the nastiest breakdowns of the night which had the crowd going off. Overall the band played a very solid set.


Finally, what most people came here to see, Wage War on their Deadweight Tour. Although this wasn’t sold out, it sure did feel like it as everyone in the venue have it their all during the whole set. When they played “Witness” every single person on the floor jumped to the beat and caused a few crowd surfers in the process. Cody had incredible cleans in the duration of the show while Briton Bond had fantastic screams throughout as well. Since this show started a little earlier, it ended a little earlier, it gave the band a little extra boost to give Baltimore their best performance from the last time they were here. Wage War left Baltimore so hyped and wanting more after their encore with “Johnny Cash” and “Stitch” to end the night off. Be sure to find a date near you for this incredible show from the guys of Wage War.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.


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