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PVRIS ‘Summer 2021 Tour’ Featuring Royal & The Serpent – Sacramento, CA – 8.30.21

PVRIS ‘Summer 2021 Tour’ Featuring Royal & The Serpent – Sacramento, CA – 8.30.21


A full year and two days since the release of their latest album, ‘Use Me’, Ace of Spades in Sacramento was the home for PVRIS‘ ‘Summer 2021’ headlining tour as it made its way down the west coast on the final days of its run. 

With many in the crowd attending their first show since before the pandemic, excitement levels in the room quickly rose when opening act Royal & The Serpent took stage. Riding high off the release of their latest EP, ‘Searching for Nirvana’, the Atlantic Records signees came out to “i can’t get high” followed by a performance of “fanny pack”. Fans in attendance were also treated with a performance of the project’s latest single “GO PHUCK URSELF” and a cover of Juice WRLD’s massive hit single “Lucid Dreams”, which received a very positive reaction from those in the crowd. By the time the band closed their set with their most popular/TikTok famous track “overwhelmed”, Ace of Spades had been completely sold on Royal & The Serpent. Crowd control is something you don’t typically see mastered so early by relatively new acts, but frontwoman Ryan Santiago already has that locked down. I expect to see and hear much more from Royal & The Serpent in the coming years.

Finally, PVRIS took stage immediately diving into a performance of their latest single “Monster”. The setlist was a beautiful blend from old and new, featuring tracks from their latest album ‘Use Me’ such as “Dead Weight”, “Stay Gold”, title track “Use Me”, “Old Wounds”, and “Death of Me”. PVRIS also mixed-in setlist staples such as the ‘White Noise’ hit single “St. Patrick”, and ‘All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell’ tracks “What’s Wrong” and “Half”. Lynn Gunn revealed on social media that PVRIS would be performing unreleased music on this tour, treating fans with live performances of new tracks “If I Don’t Wake Up Tomorrow” and the first of 3 encore tracks, “My Way”. Closing out the set with two of their most popular singles to date “You and I” and “Hallucinations”, fans were left satisfied after witnessing a flawless performance by PVRIS. Lynn Gunn sounding as perfect as ever — even after a year and a half+ of touring being on hold. The old songs sounded fresh, the new songs sounded perfect, and the unreleased music sounded like PVRIS is about to deliver us something special. Be on the look out for new PVRIS, hopefully coming sooner rather than later. 

Check out the full gallery of the night below shot by photographer Alfredo Preciado (Instagram / Twitter).


Royal & The Serpent

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