Rage on the Stage Tour – Baltimore, MD – 10.23.17

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The Rage on the Stage tour finally made it’s way to Baltimore to Rams Head Live as I Prevail brought along We Came As RomansThe Word Alive, and Escape The Fate. Check out the gallery below as Luis Rosales was there for this incredible show.


Up first is escape the fate opening with “Just A Memory” that made the venue explode with long time fans. It’s easy to see why so many people line so early for this stacked show. The lighting was simple as they didn’t bring their own production but house lighting was still great as they really utilized the colors available to them. Everyone was so interactive with the fans as they made faces at them and posed for the camera too.


The Word Alive was up next guns blazing on stage wasting no time to get their set started. Tony as usual was the most energetic of the bunch jumping around while Zach was being super playful on stage as he hit a couple of dabs, sat on the risers and was just lively all night. During their set, Telle had taken a fan’s phone from their hand and took a selfie with it and even a video from the stage. He also took his phone and had fans crouch down to set up the most amazing group jump of the night. They closed out the night with “Trapped” to put an end to an amazing performance.


Up next was We Came As Romans and they came out running like they were ready to play the best show that they have ever played. It definitely seemed that way because energetic is an understatement considering all the jumps and running around they did throughout the show. Fans screamed every word the whole night and threw down in the pit with just as much force. Their lighting was beautiful during the whole show which made it easy to photograph and fans to film with their phones too. In We Came As Romans fashion, Kyle Pavone jumped into the crowd for their finale for “Hope” as he sang the chorus with all the fans who held him up.


Finally the Detroit natives, I Prevail made their grand entrance on stage with their wrestling ring smacked in the middle. Due to Brian’s vocal injury he was unable to attend the show. The first thing that stood out from this whole show was the amazing stage production from all the lighting they brought with them which lit the entire venue beautifully. During “RISE” they had the confetti cannon go off and set a beautiful view. In a turn of events, they brought up a fan on stage and playing a Lil Jon cover of “Get Low” and later to play “Shots” that everybody in the venue singing along. I Prevail even debuted a new song that they haven’t played live, “Outcast.” Keeping up with the covers, they also played “Eye of the Tiger” and “Blank Space” before finishing off their set with “Already Dead,” “Lifeline,” and closing out the night with their encore with “Scars.” I Prevail had an absolute perfect performance that would go down as one of the best produces live shows in Baltimore this year.

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