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The Graveyard Shift Tour – Baltimore, MD – 10.15.17

The Graveyard Shift Tour – Baltimore, MD – 10.15.17

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The Graveyard Shift Tour made it’s way to Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD as Motionless in White set out on this venture with direct support from The Amity Affliction and Miss May I.  Check out the gallery below as our photographer Luis Rosales was able to attend this visually stunning show.


Taking the stage promptly at 7:40, Miss May I wasted no time as always as most of their set came from their latest album from Shadows Inside. Levi Benton was his usual high energy, head banging self as he took over the stage without missing a beat. They were mostly back lit throughout the night but they also had moments that they were like shadows. The set was rather short considering they were an opener for the night but it felt like just right with the amount of energy they put out tonight. They have never disappointed in the history of their shows in Maryland and fans are reminded every time they come through how much power they bring.


The Amity Affliction was up next as they left their mark on Baltimore.  They had the one of the biggest reactions from the crowd being one of the most popular bands on this lineup as every song they announced or just started playing had a huge applause leading up to it. They’re lighting was absolutely beautiful as it’s one of the best produced shows seen in awhile. Not only did everyone look good performing, they sounded phenomenal as well. Once The Amity Affliction started their set, more people started to fill up the venue in time to catch up on this amazing set. All the colors they were able to produce were perfect. Their acoustic set was flawless as well as the venue got intimate very quickly. Overall just an amazing set as everything about it was flawless.


Closing out the night was Motionless In White as they opened up with “Rats” with the most visually stunning production. They had two levels of their setup with skeletons on both sides of the stage and dancers in leather dresses. At some point during their set, those extra dancers went up to the second level with power tools that set off sparks that flew all over the stage for the added effect. Along with the sparks, it was only right they bring out the water guns to wet the fans in the front and middle. Since they’re in the Halloween spirit, they even brought out buckets of candy to throw out to the crowd. About halfway through their set, the band had a special guest come on stage dressed in a tall costume to play along as an extra. Chris Motionless even threw on some wings as part of the various costume changes throughout the night. Motionless in White is the type of band where you go and expect nothing short of one of the greatest entertaining bands to watch with all the props they use. It’s more than a concert with these guys, it’s a show and experience that everyone should witness at some point.


Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.


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