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Bands like Green Day and Stick To Your Guns Are More Important To The Mainstream Than You Think

Matthew Powers
Crank up your radio. Turn on your TV. Log into your Facebook account. Chances are viewing the influence of the media on the current state of the world is unavoidable. The common knowledge of word of mouth being important is unbelievably underrated and hardly understood. When the entertainment industry produces spokespersons for everything from politics […]

Senses Fail announce acoustic EP

Alex Lizette
Senses Fail have recently announced they will be working on an acoustic EP, which might include old songs such as “Blackout” and “Family Tradition.” The band has also asked their fans to contribute ideas. Check out the tweet below. We are recording an acoustic EP soon. Going to do some old songs. Was thinking "Blackout" […]

ALBUM: The Story So Far – ‘The Story So Far’

Matthew Powers
Stakes are high and emotion is charged on The Story So Far’s 3rd and self-titled record. Having become one of pop-punk’s most watched up-and-comers, The Story So Far could have easily gone with a well-known producer and followed through with the usual pop-punk band formula of attempting arena rock glory, but how refreshing it is […]