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Alfredo Preciado
Sharptooth have released a brand new single titled “The Gray”. The single is taken from the band’s upcoming album Transitional Forms which is set for a July 10th release via Pure Noise Records. Check out what frontwoman Lauren Kashan had to say about “The Gray” and stream the single now below. “I’ve always seen “The Gray” as the emotional and conceptual […]

Pure Noise Records signs plethora of new talented bands

Ben Schlotthauer
Pure Noise Records is starting off 2019 with a huge bang with the list of different bands they’ve signed in recent months, spanning multiple genres. Along with many other bands on the label releasing music, including Rotting Out coming back after being away for a while. Here are just a few of their recent signings that should have […]

Bands like Green Day and Stick To Your Guns Are More Important To The Mainstream Than You Think

Matthew Powers
Crank up your radio. Turn on your TV. Log into your Facebook account. Chances are viewing the influence of the media on the current state of the world is unavoidable. The common knowledge of word of mouth being important is unbelievably underrated and hardly understood. When the entertainment industry produces spokespersons for everything from politics […]