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SINGLE: Pierce the Veil – “The Divine Zero”

SINGLE: Pierce the Veil – “The Divine Zero”


It seems as if post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil has a thing with time. Like for the fact, they wait years to produce music. But all the while, it’s worth it.

It’s been three years since the last album they’ve produce, Collide with the Sky. But now, they’re back and have began to release what they’ve been working on. Currently they have streamed a brand new single “The Divine Zero.”

The song begins with a mellow, out of space feel. You’d assume they were taking it slow, but for Pierce the Veil, that’s not an option. The beat picks up and builds throughout the song. ¼ of the way in the music slows to hear Vic scream “Trigger my nightmare once again.” Some assume it’s a discreet reference to bassist Jaime Preciado and guitarist Tony Perry’s old band, but I say it’s amazing. It catches the attention of the listener and creates hype for the following breakdowns.

The drumming and guitar riffs have the biggest influence on the entire song. They are well defined and easy to single out, especially when it comes to the build of the breakdowns. It brings the song to life.

Easily compared to their past album Collide With The Sky, I couldn’t agree more. But this time, it’s matured. Pierce the Veil has definitely grown in those past three years, and will continue to progress as they follow their music careers.

Alex Lizette Doing what I do best.