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ALBUM: PVRIS – ‘White Noise (Deluxe Version)’

ALBUM: PVRIS – ‘White Noise (Deluxe Version)’


Two years since their first full length album release, PVRIS have released a deluxe version of White Noise via Rise Records. The renewed album includes two new tracks, “You And I” and “Empty”, along with a stripped version of “You And I”.

With deluxe editions it’s common to just throw in the new tracks at the end, but PVRIS decided to break the norm and add their new tracks to the beginning.

The first new track “You And I” definitely gives White Noise a different sound. It almost makes you hope for new music. Immediately as the track begins, vocalist Lynn Gunn comes in with such dominance in her voice. Her singing echoes beautifully, while the instrumentals faintly build in the background. After a minute the track is off to a more upbeat start and alternates between soft sounds and catchy tunes.

To go with this new track, the band has also released a stripped version of “You And I”. The song is added to the end, which closes the album with a lovely feel. The faint, yet distinct, guitar strumming gives off a mood of peace, while Lynn Gunn’s voice gently flows throughout the track. “You And I (Stripped)” sends chills throughout the body, creating a feeling of euphoria.

As for the second new track “Empty”, it’s hard to point out a single overall strength. Although the track is entirely on the softer side, Lynn’s voice still produces strength all while being graceful. The instrumentals, Lynn’s voice, and of course the lyrics, all perfectly tie in together to create such beauty.

PVRIS definitely did an amazing job with White Noise (Deluxe Version). The two new tracks fit perfectly with the theme of expressing emotion through a paranormal feel. With their originality and distinctive lyrics, PVRIS is a band that will leave a mark on the music scene.

Alex Lizette Doing what I do best.