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ALBUM: Lana Del Rey- ‘Honeymoon’

ALBUM: Lana Del Rey- ‘Honeymoon’


Lana Del Rey has recently dropped her fourth album, titled Honeymoon, which was released September 18th. In comparison to her previous albums, Honeymoon, while still having that bluesy feel everyone has come to love, seems a bit slowed down. Many of the songs on this album are slow and nostalgic, and are missing some of that fun hip hop edge the singer used to incorporate into her music. There’s something missing when it comes to Honeymoon, and although it’s not a horrible album, it’s certainly not some of Lana’s best work.

The album opens up with the Honeymoon, a beautifully melodic love ballad. This song certainly sets the tone for the whole album, which is full of softly sung ballads about romance and old times. Del Rey has a very unique classic sounding voice that is incomparable to many other artists of this time. Even though her voice is beyond compare, this album, to put kindly, is a bit boring. In comparison to prior albums the artist has released, Honeymoon is lacking the fun hip-hop edge that Lana is known for.

High by the Beach, the first single released off of Honeymoon, doesn’t seem to tie into the album well, it just seems so out of place. While it is a very catchy, fun song it is the only song on the entire album with a memorable hook. It doesn’t coincide very well with any of the other songs on Honeymoon, and seems like it was just thrown into the mix.
To be quite blunt, Honeymoon is almost entirely bland. It lacks the sex appeal and sentimentality that Lana Del Rey is known for. Honeymoon lacks memorability. It is not an entirely awful album, but it just seems so lacking compared to the amazing music the artist has released in the past. Honeymoon just seems like a bit of a let down.

When the word Honeymoon comes to mind, one might imagine exotic places, romantic adventures and excitement, however this album reflects absolutely none of that. Lyrically, the album isn’t tragic, and the music isn’t god awful either, yet, there’s just nothing special that stands out. Honeymoon is lacking some of the hip hop feel that used to be incorporated into many of Del Rey’s songs, and that’s why she really missed the mark with this album.


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