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Trivium Fall Tour 2017 – Baltimore, MD – 10.31.17

Trivium Fall Tour 2017 – Baltimore, MD – 10.31.17


Coming back to Baltimore once again in all their glory is Trivium, who had just recently dropped their new album The Sin And The Sentence. Along for the tour is Arch EnemyWhile She Sleeps, and Fit For An Autopsy.  Check out the gallery below as Luis Rosales was their for this amazing tour.


Fit For An Autopsy was up first with the Halloween spirit coming out in costumes and of course having Batman leading the way. They had a fairly dark stage but that was expected for the deathcore heavyweights that always blow the crowd away. The fans responded well when they announced they would play “Absolute Hope Absolute Hell” with people singing along to most of the song. There’s nothing like getting into the Halloween spirit than with Fit For An Autopsy opening this stacked show.


While She Sleep took the stage wasting absolutely no time as Lawrence Taylor proved why he’s one of the best frontman around. He used the stage sparingly and of course off the stage as he constantly jumped into the crowd and surfed his way around almost the entire crowd. He even used the monitor on stage as a riser during their performance to give him some added height. Over half the crowd surfers from this set were from Lawrence Taylor which was so impressive to watch. Every member put out so much energy that it was hard to choose just one member to look at, there was that much movement on stage.  It was a lively performance from them that you couldn’t help but to move along with them.


After the slightly longer setting up, Arch Enemy was up next with a visually stunning performance. They brought LED panels that lit up the stage so bright like no other band on this tour. Both Jeff Loomis and Michael Amott ripped on guitar with both of them throwing out solos every chance they had. Lead singer Alissa was an absolutely incredible front woman that could sing her heart out like it’s nothing. In between songs, she would interact with fans while on stage and find some of her favorite costumes that she would spot. For over an hour, Arch Enemy put down an unforgettable show with tons of production that left so many in awe while the performance itself made people wish it would never end.


Finally for what most fans came to see, Trivium took about half an hour to set up their stage but it was well worth the wait. Opening with their new single “The Sin and The Sentence” fans responded really well to new music being the first thing to be played tonight. Frontman Matt Heafy made a shout out to all the old school fans early on by playing “Like Light to the Flies” followed by “Rain” to give the fans exactly what they wanted. Trivium has never sounded better than tonight, everything was dialed to perfection and every drum hit, guitar solo, and scream was hit so perfectly that it sounded better than a recording at times. As far as their lighting goes, they utilized their own lighting that they shared with Arch Enemy but a little toned down so it wasn’t overwhelming for their style. Trivium put on an amazing set that absolutely killed and put a perfect ending to Halloween.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.