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The Peace And The Panic Tour – Baltimore, MD – 1.31.18

The Peace And The Panic Tour – Baltimore, MD – 1.31.18


Presented by The Noise, Neck Deep set out on their US leg of their The Peace And The Panic Tour with the help from SeawayCreeper, and Speak Low at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD. Check out the gallery as photographer Luis Rosales was there for this amazing night.


Starting off the night, Speak Low took the stage to set the mood. Giving everyone a taste of their mellow music before things really got started. They played a solid set for their 30 mins as fans walked in the door.


Picking up the pace was Creeper, with a noticeable influence of My Chemical Romance with their look. Right from the start, they had a circle pit started and told fans to get rowdy. They definitely had more attention being as they were more energetic and set a higher tone. Fans were not shy to get crowd surfing started while their singer, Will Gould, was a lot more interactive with the front row fans too. Overall Creeper put on a fantastic set from their lighting to their sound to their performance for the short time they had. Definitely a must watch watch band from here on out.


Up next was Seaway as they noticeably had the most crowd interaction of the night so far. Crowd surfers were not shy to make themselves noticed as they made their way every chance they could throughout the entire set. It was clear that fans of the band were in the front because all you could hear were lyrics being sung by everyone along the barricade. Production for the set was kept at a minimum as it was very similar to the rest of the bands throughout. Each member had kept the energy levels high on their sides of the stage to keep the show interesting for everyone. Overall the show they put on was extremely fun to be a part of.


Now for what everyone was waiting for, Neck Deep showed up with their highly set up stage with their banners and smoke machines. The fans were definitely ready for Neck Deep as they sang along to every song and made their way to the front screaming over everyone they crowd surfed over. Every member of the band showed an immense amount of energy as both guitar players used the stage without any hesitation switching sides constantly. Their stage set up made sense once they came on after being cover all night as they had ramps to go up to the drum riser which gave them the huge overview of the venue. During their performance, Neck Deep had a special guest, known as Tony, come on stage during “In Bloom” to play play saxophone. This performance was a highlight of the entire tour so far as fans started to beg for this performance to be recorded and released as a single. After their main set, Neck Deep had the crowd begging for more and eventually they came out to finish with “Can’t Kick Up The Roots” with Tony on saxophone again, and concluding the show with “Where Do We Go When We Go.” Overall, Neck Deep had a great show, from the production, to the way they sounded, and even the fan response they got, it was a show to remember for a long time.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.