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Self Inflicted Tour – Baltimore, MD – 4.14.17

Self Inflicted Tour – Baltimore, MD – 4.14.17


Baltimore Soundstage is no stranger to hosting some of the most popular tours that come through Maryland, and this night was no different as they hosted the Self Inflicted Tour featuring Chelsea Grin, Ice Nine Kills, Gideon, and Enterprise Earth. There for this show was photographer Luis Rosales as he put the together the gallery below.


First on the bill is deathcore band from Washington, Enterprise Earth brought a new sound as the newer group of the night.  Their production was full of brilliant lighting as they went off consistently to light up the band.  For the 30 minutes, they brought the energy which kept on rising with every song.  This band has made new fans really quick that night as fans were ready to catch them on their run around whenever that would be.


Up next is Gideon to bring the noise as they played their set in a darker setting than everyone else on the tour.  Vocalist Daniel McWhorter gave it all he had and threw down during the band’s set for about 30 minutes as well.  Given the band has a powerful thrash sound, fans went wild with moshing as the sheer sound of their music had the pit look like as if they were headlining this show.  Everything from the drums blasting to the guitars ripping, Gideon had a flawless performance that left people wishing there were more.


Overhearing most of the conversations going around in the venue, it was clear that most fans came for Ice Nine Kills.  Soundstage filled up it’s floor quickly as they set up their flags and risers for the band to perform next.  With this eerie sounds of the wind blowing, bells ringing and one guitar to kick it off, the band started off with “Hell In The Hallways,” as a fan favorite to let everyone know that they were here to give the show you always wanted from them.  Adding to the effects of the production, the drum set has lights integrated with the clear shells on every drum.  Singer Spencer Charnas, was especially entertaining as he showed a true frontman’s charisma being very active on stage and even off stage by going up to the barricade and singing with the fans.  So if you made your way to barricade, you were one of the lucky few that got to sing along to your favorite songs with Spencer screaming in your face while giving you a high five.  

Closing out the night was Chelsea Grin, where only the fans of the deathcore scene stuck around to watch the insanity start.  Kicking it off with “Skin Deep,” almost immediately fans started to throw down to chugging guitars and bass drops with every song they played.  Production was immaculate compared to everyone else this evening with their light rigs set up on the back of the stage and smoke machines going off on the sides.  There was so much energy that fans were feeding off the band as crowd surfers made their way up left and right almost nonstop.  About halfway through the set, Alex Koehler demanded that the floor was split right down the middle and that could only mean one thing, that the floor was about to look like a war zone when the wall of death met down the middle.  It was so intense that two fans were left bleeding pretty heavily as there was a trail of blood leading to the bathroom and the front exit.  Chelsea Grin has always put on some powerful shows and their production was immense as always as they closed out with “Cheyne Stokes” and “Recreant” giving fans a memorable night.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.