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Gallery: ‘True Power Tour’ Featuring I Prevail, Pierce The Veil, Fit For A King, and Stand Atlantic – San Jose Civic – 10.26.22

Gallery: ‘True Power Tour’ Featuring I Prevail, Pierce The Veil, Fit For A King, and Stand Atlantic – San Jose Civic – 10.26.22


There hasn’t been a band in the alternative music world that has blown up to the extent that Michigan rock band I Prevail has in such a short amount of time. Following the success of their previous album ‘Trauma’, which gave the band their first couple of Grammy nominations, I Prevail announced that their third studio album ’True Power’ would be released on August 19th with a 44 date tour planned for the fall. 

On October 26th, I Prevail’s ‘True Power Tour’ made its way to the San Jose Civic in San Jose, CA bringing with them openers Stand Atlantic, Fit For A King, and the returning Pierce The Veil

Check out the full photo gallery of the performances below. Photos by photographer Alfredo Preciado (Instagram).

Stand Atlantic

Kicking off the night was the Australian pop-punk band Stand Atlantic; hitting the ground running with a performance of one of their most popular tracks “Hate Me (Sometimes)”. The band has been seeing a steady incline of success in the last couple of years. And with just one look at the energy of the crowd from the first song, it was clear to me why they’re on the tip of everyone’s tongues at the moment. Their short seven song set list ran through most of Stand Atlantic‘s most commercially successful singles such as “Jurassic Park”, “Lavender Bones”, set closer “deathwish”, and more. This being my first time witnessing an entire Stand Atlantic set, to say I was impressed would be a criminal understatement.

Fit For A King

Next up on the bill was the American metalcore veterans Fit For A King. At the time of the show, FFAK were gearing up for the release of their brand new record ‘The Hell We Create’ which was scheduled to be released just two days after the show. Taking the stage with a brand new single “Eyes Roll Back” — a track that was new to everyone in the room as the track hadn’t officially been released publicly yet.

Fit For A King has always been a personal favorite band to watch/photograph. FFAK are in a league of their own when it comes to stage performance. Their set featured a mix of their set staples such as “When Everything Means Nothing”, “The Price Of Agony”, “God of Fire”, as well as tastes of their new material such as “End (The Other Side)”, and “Times Like This”. Another fantastic performance by one of the best bands to ever come out of the scene — as per usual.

Pierce The Veil

Almost immediately after Fit For A King got off stage, a certain energy filled the room. With the ‘True Power Tour’ being the first tour Pierce The Veil had been a part of in nearly 5 years, many in attendance were seeing the band for their first time ever. Pierce The Veil did NOT disappoint. In fact, their performance on this night proved to me that the band are currently at the top of their game.

Minutes before the start of the set, PTV paid homage to the late, great Mexican singer Vicente Fernández by playing “El Rey” over the speakers which had much of the sold out crowd singing at the top of their lungs. As the song ended, the lights shut off and the show began. An intro which featured a nod to the original Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory movie set the tone. The band took the stage to “May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight” and “Hell Above” as the crowd exploded. Pierce The Veil followed up with a performance of their recently released single “Pass The Nirvana” which hits even harder in a live environment. Half way through the set, PTV was joined on stage by  I Prevail frontman Eric Vananlerberghe as he contributed guest vocals for the band’s hit track “Caraphernalia”. The set ended with performances of “Hold On Till May” and the recent Tik Tok viral track “King For A Day”. PTV are masters of their craft at this point in their careers and their appearance on this tour is a quick reminder of that. Welcome back, Pierce The Veil. It’s been too long.

I Prevail

Closing out the night were the headliners I Prevail. Taking the stage to their ‘True Power’ intro tracks “0:00” and “There’s Fear In Letting Go” were the vocal tag-team duo of Brian Burkheiser and Eric Vanlerberghe. Over the years, their vocal chemistry has grown exponentially and have become a noteworthy pair within the scene.

Naming the tour the ‘True Power Tour’ was done completely intentionally. Not only to support the band’s recently released album by the same name, but to also let fans know that ‘True Power’ is exactly what you’ll be getting. In fact, the band’s first four performances were of the first four songs of the record (excluding intro “0:00”). Overall, the 17 song set list included 9 performances of tracks by the album such as “Body Bag”, “Self-Destruction”, “Bad Things”, “FWYTYK”, among others. Seeing how these tracks translated live was incredible and added so much to how I feel about the band’s new album. I Prevail also made sure to include performances of their set staples such as their massive hit single “Scars”, “Hurricane”, “Breaking Down”, “Come And Get It”, and encore tracks “Gasoline” and “Bow Down” — ending the night.

Alfredo Preciado Founder & Co-Operator of CaliberTV. I film your favorite live concert videos on YouTube.