Low Teens Spring Tour – Baltimore, MD – 5.8.17


Not very often does Baltimore Soundstage get a show where bands specifically request no barricades, however for Every Time I DIe, it would be wrong to have a barricade for the show they were putting on.  Along for the tour is Wage War and ‘68, check out the gallery below as Luis Rosales put himself right in the middle of the chaos that ensued that night.


Up first was the duo known as ‘68 that took the scene by storm recently for being for their brand new, old fashioned rock n’ roll. They played a fairy short set which lasted roughly about 30 minutes, but in those 30 minutes was a mix of excellent showmanship and humor.  Singer/guitarist Josh Scogin used his half of the stage sparingly as he ran around, bending backwards, and even throwing his guitar up to the ceiling.  ‘68 has and always will put on a great show and is a must see band at least once.


Wage War took the stage the next as they were the talk of the venue as the band a lot of fans came to see.  They opened up with one of their latest releases “Stitch” which got everybody rowdy quick.  Fans made their way on stage by crowd surfing and even hurling themselves off stage for some insane stage diving.  The band themselves were unphased by the amount of fans making their way on stage as they payed on as if there were at a normal show. Wage War sounded amazing as well as looked amazing with the light production that lit them up from all angles.  The band played a fairly short set that allowed them 7 songs to warm up the crowd for what is to come later that night.  The whole set however was flawless and definitely a great band to watch as they continue to grow.


Now for the headliner, Every Time I Die, the band responsible for one of the craziest shows this year alone, took the stage as fans crowded the edge of the stage to get ready to bring the hardcore show culture to soundstage.  Since every band before them had short sets, Every Time I Die had a lot of time for themselves to create a the war zone that is the pit.  Fans were non stop crowd surfing for the entire duration of the set as members of the fans loved seeing each fan get on stage and shaking their hands as they came up.  It was truly a wonderful sight seeing the artists and audience interact in such a way. The whole show was spectacular and a sight to see watching that many people watch a show in a hardcore style in a venue this big.  The band kept their production very simple with only a few lights in the back, strobes on the side, and that was it.  It made for a very interesting and unforgettable night.  If you have the chance to go and are thinking about it, do yourself a favor and go attend one the shows on the way.  This was truly a spectacle to watch and one of the most intense show this year so far.

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