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Cemetery Sun

Cemetery Sun


Sacramento, CA

Josh Doty – Vocals
Jesse Mancillas – Lead Guitar
Austen Butler – Drummer
Elliot Polokoff – Guitarist / Producer

Alternative Rock

For Fans Of:
The Neighbourhood, Bastille, PVRIS

“Just as a bright light can pierce the darkness, the penetrating tones of alt-pop quartet, Cemetery Sun illuminate with an electric, contemporary sound that is shaking up the West Coast.

Influenced by alternative rock, pop, and R&B, the project began when Northern California natives Josh Doty (singer), Austen Butler (drummer), Elliot Polokoff (guitarist/producer) and Jesse Mancillas (lead guitarist) met in the studio. “The vibe was there. From the first playback, to the final mix, we knew we had crafted something truly memorable,” writes Elliot. “The rest of it followed suit. We grew at a rate none of us could have ever imagined.” The band finds its center around the idea of overcoming life’s self-imposed obstacles, learning to love what surrounds them, and ultimately discovering who they are and how to pave the way for others. It is a sound that seeks clarity.

Cemetery Sun’s debut EP culminates the collective effort of a year’s worth of writing. The band composed over 30 songs before heading into the studio to record. Their rhythmic and visceral single, “(Hard Drugs) Fake Love” has been geared up for national release. “It’s a song that defines the façades you witness going out– people who are jaded, lost in feelings of lust, selfishness, or vice-related highs. The song serves as a constant reminder of how easy it is to find yourself alone in that scene– a state where you can so quickly forget who your real friends are and what truly makes you happy.””

What we think:
Thoroughly modern in their incorporation of electropop and R&B influences into smooth, emotional melodic rock, Cemetery Sun balance light and darkness as effectively as their name suggests.

Why you should listen:
This is a band with a sonic palette so broad that there is something for everyone, with the potential to transcend genre and capture the imagination of the public at large.