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ALBUM: Miley Cyrus- ‘Miley and her Dead Petz’

ALBUM: Miley Cyrus- ‘Miley and her Dead Petz’


Miley Cyrus is pretty well known for her crazy antics, but by far the strangest thing Miley has done recently is release a free album. Titled Miley and her Dead Petz, this album is anything but ordinary, in fact it’s pretty insane to say the least. The 23 track long album is riddled with swearing, sexual imagery and drug innuendos, which comes as no surprise. Even some of the track names are pretty odd such as “Bang Me Box” and “Something About Space Dude”. Many of the songs are a bit questionable, however this album isn’t completely awful.

If you take a deeper look at some of the slower songs on the album it’s not that hard to see that Miley isn’t just some wild child, but actually a very talented artist.
The very first song on the album titled “Dooo It!” is actually incredibly hard to describe, it’s a bit strange and trance like, and sounds nothing like anything she has released before. There are many other songs on this album with this odd otherworldly sound such as “Milky Milky Milk” and “Tangerine”. To put it nicely, these songs don’t have much substance. They’re mostly about sex or drugs, and sound like they weren’t produced very well.

Even though much of the album is a freak show, the whole album isn’t completely worthless. A few of the songs on Miley and her Dead Petz are actually really good, such as “Karen Don’t be Sad”, which strangely has a sound very reminiscent of the Beatles. “Pablo the Blowfish”, a song about Mileys dead pet fish is actually kind of sad, considering it’s about a deceased sea creature. The best song by far on the album is “Lighter”, where Mileys real talent shines through. A soulful song that sounds a bit like an 80’s pop song slowed down, is extremely catchy unlike many of the other weird tracks.

While this album is a bit odd, it’s still worth checking out. It’s nothing like anything Miley has done before. Beneath all the references to partying and sex, there’s something special. Miley isn’t completely talentless and despite all the junk on the album, there are some really great songs that are worth listening to. Considering the album is completely free, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t at least give it a listen.


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