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Orphan release debut EP that’s uniquely their own sound

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Orphan? But really, who the fuck is orphan? This duo/collective is only just starting with this new EP they title Bread, but it’s already making some waves. Everyone talks about making waves, but in my opnion, it takes something very special to turn that talk into a reality. Time will tell if they do pop off, […]


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Higuera has been at it for some time, mainly releasing a single every few months. This time around the singer, and sole writer, Valley, has come out with Porchlight which in my opinion takes what he was originally doing and doing it better. Higuera enlisted the help of Micah Schultz, of Gravel Tooth Productions, to bring us a […]

Uncle Pill releases new video for his latest single “Lately”

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Sacramento/Northstate based rapper Uncle Pill has been in the game for a few years now, perfecting his craft. With his latest music video, however, he’s polished up his sound a bit and is bringing some much-needed heat to this rainy season. His newest single titled Lately is one that I promise will be stuck in your head […]

Pure Noise Records signs plethora of new talented bands

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Pure Noise Records is starting off 2019 with a huge bang with the list of different bands they’ve signed in recent months, spanning multiple genres. Along with many other bands on the label releasing music, including Rotting Out coming back after being away for a while. Here are just a few of their recent signings that should have […]
Creekside Promo

REVIEW: Creekside – “Self Titled”

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On this new record, Creekside brings a nice change of sound from what they brought on their first two releases Full Circle and Hills//Valleys. It seems as though the band has progressively changed their sound to be more cohesive and overall sonically better. With their first EP, the band was still figuring out what they wanted to be […]

Letters from the Earth unveil two brand new singles

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Rock bands that continue to innovate and release music that’s worthwhile has become something of a distant memory within the music industry. Not to say it isn’t happening. It is–but only beneath the surface in the underground scenes. Letters from the Earth is no different. Made up of a group of veteran musicians, so to speak, […]

Find Yourself release new killer single titled Manticore

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Sacramento-based progressive math rock band Find Yourself have been making a name for themselves in the Northstate for quite some time. I’ve seen them twice live, once in Sacramento with Kurt Travis, and another at a house show I booked in Chico. Their live set is wild and each of the members plays a vital role […]

Everything to know about ZETA

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If you haven’t been lucky enough to witness this band live or hear their music, you are severely missing out. They blend their own unique sound of Venezuelan culture and music with the more abrasive sounds of metal. What they’ve accomplished in the past 11 years is phenomenal and admirable for any DIY band to […]

Esquire Ali X Worldcoast – 1919 (Album Review)

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Esquire Ali and Worldcoast have brought us an album that is a constant banger after another. While this is not the first time the duo have collaborated, this is the first full length that the two have released. Their new album, titled 1919 was released on 1/9/19, hence the name. In a way this album […]

Dead Lakes release new single/music video “Eighteen Weeks”

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Dead Lakes were quiet since their last single in February, but it now appears that the band will be releasing a brand new EP this Friday, July 20th via Pale Chord. One thing which intrigued me about the band was that while they’re still building their following, they are on par with any well-known band within the […]