The Amulet Tour – Baltimore, MD – 4.22.18

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As part of The Amulet tour, Circa Survive closed out the tour in Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD with none other than Foxing, and Hail The Sun. Check out the gallery below as Luis Rosales was there for this majestic performance from each band.


Up first for the night, Hail The Sun as Donovan Melero started on the drums while simultaneously on vocals. He was able to interact with the crowd just as well as when he took front stage as the frontman. Having no problem getting fans to sing along and showing love to the crowd. Even being as mellow as a band they are, Hail The Sun was able to show intensity when their harder parts came on with their stage presence. Hail The Sun put on a fantastic set despite having an earlier set time than originally planned.


Taking the stage for the next 45 minutes, Foxing took over with their seven piece band which exploded with energy right from the start. They had such a unique sound to them thanks to the saxophone player and the trumpet that Conor Murphy pulled out throughout their set. During the first song, the entire backstage crew came out on stage during the trumpet solo and raided the stage with kazoos which they ended up throwing into the crowd. Their production was a little better than Hail The Sun with it being a just a little brighter but still nothing amazing that matched their style. For those who haven’t seen or heard of Foxing before, they definitely made a new fan base here in Baltimore as they played a flawless set while killing the entire stage.


Finally, taking the stage for what everyone was waiting for, Circa Survive took over to close out the night as they had fans going crazy everywhere. Singer Anthony Green really knows how to work a crowd to get them to sing along and crowd surf. Their production was amazing as they brought their arch which lit up in various colors to songs. The band sounded absolutely incredible as they prepared to make this show the best one of the entire tour. During their set, Circa Survive had various crew members throw toilet paper into the crowd instead of confetti and the audience loved every second of that. Everything about this tour was flawless, from the lighting, the sound, the energy the guys gave off, there was a dull moment all night with these guys and people got their money’s worth. This show definitely made its mark as every band gave it their absolute everything and fans giving back just as much.

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