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ALBUM: Never Shout Never – ‘Black Cat’

ALBUM: Never Shout Never – ‘Black Cat’


Never Shout Never has a way of keeping their music fresh. From Sunflower[s] to Time Travel[ing] to asking What Is Love, there are always new ideas produced through their music. Never Shout Never has released their sixth full length studio album, Black Cat, August 7th via Warner Bros.

Never Shout Never was originally known for Christofer Drew’s songs of love and peace, his mood that lifted spirits and got everyone in a jolly mood. Years later, it took a turn. Some say in the wrong direction, but I say it was definitely a different direction that still worked. A few more years, and Never Shout Never is back with a sound that creates happiness and a mood of carelessness.

Before the full album was released, Never Shout Never streamed the lead single “Hey! We OK.” It serves perfectly as an introduction song due to the fact it outlines what the entire album is based off of– being yourself. This particular track gives meaning to the phrase of being proud of who you are and the lyrics are worth noting. It gives power to those who are considered “Social outcasts, total fuck-ups.” So free-spirited and independent, the instrumentals give life to the song. With piano notes so high and happy sounding, it plays through the song with the guitars and drums following behind.

Never Shout Never is nothing without Christofer Drew and his uke! The 7th track “Peace Song” brings back those 2007 memories of innocent, 16 year old Christofer Drew making his way with his music. The track is simple and raw and that’s why it stands out. It doesn’t have all the excess instrumentals or vocals in the background; it’s just Christofer Drew showing who he is– a simple guy with his music. The simplicity of it is pure art.

When it comes to their music, Never Shout Never is always trying to get the point that we shouldn’t have to follow society’s expected “norms” and that being an outcast is far more appealing than being a robot. Whichever track it is, Black Cat as a whole really stresses the ideas of opening your third eye and stepping out of the cage we’re kept in.

Alex Lizette Doing what I do best.