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Creekside Promo

REVIEW: Creekside – “Self Titled”

Ben Schlotthauer
On this new record, Creekside brings a nice change of sound from what they brought on their first two releases Full Circle and Hills//Valleys. It seems as though the band has progressively changed their sound to be more cohesive and overall sonically better. With their first EP, the band was still figuring out what they wanted to be […]

ALBUM: Being As An Ocean – ‘Being As An Ocean’

Michael Bird
There’s a latent statement that comes with self-titling an album. It’s an effective way for an artist or band to communicate that this is their definitive work, the yardstick to compare their other records to and the truest expression of their identity – admittedly this becomes muddled if they self-title more than one of their […]

ALBUM: The Story So Far – ‘The Story So Far’

Matthew Powers
Stakes are high and emotion is charged on The Story So Far’s 3rd and self-titled record. Having become one of pop-punk’s most watched up-and-comers, The Story So Far could have easily gone with a well-known producer and followed through with the usual pop-punk band formula of attempting arena rock glory, but how refreshing it is […]

ALBUM: We Are Harlot – ‘We Are Harlot’

Matthew Powers
History repeats, in music especially – The reemergence of nu-metal in recent years for instance. Some bands are so rooted in an older sound that it feels as if the musicians came from a time machine and not the modern music scene. Such is the case with Roadrunner Records’ most recent signing We Are Harlot, […]