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ALBUM: Ghost – ‘Meliora’

Michael Bird
There isn’t enough mystery left in music. The internet handily killed it for the most part, and while the 21st century fan takes relish in discovering their favourite bands’ Netflix preferences on Twitter and absorbing daily photos of their pets when they’re not on the road, it’s a process that’s helped to destroy some of […]

ALBUM: The Story So Far – ‘The Story So Far’

Matthew Powers
Stakes are high and emotion is charged on The Story So Far’s 3rd and self-titled record. Having become one of pop-punk’s most watched up-and-comers, The Story So Far could have easily gone with a well-known producer and followed through with the usual pop-punk band formula of attempting arena rock glory, but how refreshing it is […]

ALBUM: Veil Of Maya – ‘Matriarch’

Matthew Powers
Veil of Maya have been long-regarded as a heavyweight in the ever-popular “Djent” movement. Since they have landed in the scene, the sound has become less of an oddity and more of a trend with an increasing number of bands occupying the idea in an effort to fit in (Papa Roach, anyone?). Veil of Maya […]

EP: Like Moths To Flames – ‘The Dream Is Dead’

Matthew Powers
Though they have remained relatively quiet over the past 2 years, Like Moths To Flames are breaking silence with the release of a new 2 song EP entitled ‘The Dream Is Dead’. Both songs included, “Bury Your Pain'” and “What’s Done Is Done”, seem to indicate the end of a difficult time for ever-outspoken lyricist/vocalist Chris […]

CaliberTV ‘Best Of 2014’: Album Of The Year

Alfredo Preciado
2014 has been an incredible year for the heavy music scene. There has been a release out there that can appeal to any music taste and that’s certainly something to praise. As always though, we are here to present to you our favorites of the year and express just how much we enjoyed these releases. […]