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SINGLES: The Amity Affliction – “Skeletons” & “Farewell”

SINGLES: The Amity Affliction – “Skeletons” & “Farewell”


Off the reissued album Let The Ocean Take Me, The Amity Affliction has released the two bonus tracks “Skeletons” and “Farewell.”

Almost like a drop of adrenaline, the beginning of “Skeletons” starts up with the sound of something being lifted high, only to be dropped with vocalist Joel Birch’s screams.

The way in which Joel Birch ends his verses and Ahren Stringer picks up with his clean vocals, they’re able to compliment each others’ voice.  The drumming of the song has to be the most important because it creates a structure that is efficiently followed out through the entire song. The sound is consistent, along with the vocals. When it’s time for the breakdown, everything gets soft and mellow. Usually this would mean for the vocals to be toned down, but Joel Birch still manages to make it work. With the background choir following along with their “Ooh’s” the eagerness is built to be dropped with the hard hitting drums.

Coming to a close, both vocalists repeat their chorus of “It’s just another bottle down,” while the guitarist carries the song out with choppy guitar strums.

As for the second song “Farewell,” I feel as if it serves perfectly for the closing song, hence the title. The first lyrics begin with “I said farewell to the sunlight // Said farewell to the sea,” and goes on to continue the repetition. The track isn’t entirely fully developed due to the consistency of the lyrics, but with The Amity Affliction’s distinct sound, it’s okay. Unlike “Skeletons,” this track fully fades out instead of building up to a breakdown then repeating the chorus. You’re able to get that “good-bye” feel. It’s a smooth ending along with Ahren’s singing and the subtle drumming.

Although it’s assumed that a deluxe edition song would be more exclusive, “Skeletons” and “Farewell” are consistent with the rest of the album and I think that’s okay. The Amity Affliction has a noteable sound when it comes to their music. Whether it’s Joel Birch’s or Ahren Stringer’s vocals, they both are explicit when heard from their listeners.

Alex Lizette Doing what I do best.