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Why Too Close To Touch Is The Next Big Band

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Every so often, the scene is presented with a new artist that really stands out. In 2014, Too Close To Touch took the scene by storm. The release of their debut LP “Nerve Endings” gained an insurmountable amount of attention and recognition. Accompanied by the unique creativity of vocalist Keaton Pierce, Too Close To Touch […]

The End At The Beginning Premiere New Single

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The groundbreaking metal core outfit, The End At The Beginning, have just premiered their new single “Dissipate”. Capturing the essence of bands such as Dream On Dreamer and Secrets, the hard hitting track features various high points. Incorporating the rigorous guitar riffs accompanied by the melodic foreign feel, the track is sure to stand out. […]

10 (Throwback) Songs To Add To Your Playlist This Fall

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Through the years, some bands are fortunate enough to stand the test of time while others simply fade away. With the changes of the seasons, it typically brings an entire new cycle of albums from all of our favorite bands. But while fans are consistently presented with new music, there is nothing better than the […]

5 Tours You Won’t Want to Miss This Fall

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There’s something special about fall. Whether it be the reminiscent memories of Vans Warped Tour, the dreadful return of going back to school, or the cool weather. But don’t worry, you have a lot to look forward to this fall. Through the changes of the seasons, come new tours. Whenever the summer festivals commence, the […]

Upon A Burning Body Announce New Album

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Upon A Burning Body announced Tuesday that they plan to release their forth studio album “Straight From The Barrio” on October 28th. Since signing with Sumerian Records in 2010, Upon A Burning Body have established a name for themselves by bringing their own sound to the table. Following the release of their 2014 record “The […]

Picturesque Release New Single

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Captivating the music scene by a new found sound thoroughly blended with the early 2000’s post hardcore feel, Picturesque is a band to pay attention to. Signed to Equal Vision Records in 2015, the band released their EP “Monstrous Things” shortly after. Supporting their EP with tour support alongside the likes of bands such as […]