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ALBUM: Dance Gavin Dance – ‘Mothership’

Michael Bird
It’s not unfair to say that expectations generally weren’t high the last time we got a new Dance Gavin Dance record. After the misstep of 2013’s Acceptance Speech, which came off the back of three vocalist changes within five years, you’d be forgiven for having written them off. But just as post-hardcore brethren Silverstein relaunched […]

ALBUM: Dance Gavin Dance – ‘Instant Gratification’

Michael Bird
Judging what you’re going to get from a Dance Gavin Dance album has historically been made impossible by the group’s infamous revolving door approach to its personnel, let alone their distinctly muso take on post-hardcore. But ‘Instant Gratification’ is a new beast – the loss of rhythm guitarist Josh Benton aside it’s been recorded by […]